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Is Pay as you drive or Pay how you drive add-ons right for you?

The recently launched motor insurance add-ons can help you save on insurance premiums based on your usage or driving. So, should you go for it?

Do you drive a car?

Are you the only one who drives your car?

The telematics device tracks the driving of all drivers of the car.

Do you work from home?

Do you often drive in rush hour?

Do you often drive more than 40 kms every day?

Do you consider yourself or people who drive your car to be safe drivers?

Adhering and respecting speed limits and road signals are typically considered safe.

Are you okay with fitting a device in your car to track your driving pattern?

Telematics devices usually use total driving time, how often you drive, speed, mileage, braking pattern and other factors to determine car insurance premiums. As a bonus, you can also track your car when you are not driving it.

Opting for Pay as you drive or Pay how you drive can help you save on your car insurance premiums.

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How do Pay-as-you-drive & Pay-how-you-drive add-ons work?

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What are PAYD & PHYD car add-ons?

Unlike any other insurance policy in the market, these policies are built to give you more control of your motor insurance costs. It allows you to prove you are a safe driver, and as a result, you can be rewarded with lower insurance prices on renewal. The lesser/ better one drives, the lower premium they will have to pay.

How do these add-ons work?

This type of add-on works differently if you opt for a pay-as-you-drive or driving behaviour-based cover.

Pay As You Drive

Pay As You Drive cover operates on the simple rule that you should pay less insurance price if you drive less. Since you are not out on the road often, you have a low accident risk, and your insurance bill should reflect the same.

Pay How You Drive

The premium for Pay How You Drive cover is calculated based on how you drive your car while on the road. The better and safer you drive, the lesser you pay.

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