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Does Your Lifestyle Make You Prone To Road Accidents?

September 02 2014

Our lives are extremely fast-paced. We are constantly juggling with our personal and professional lives striving to balance our time. We are always in a hurry, be it while walking or driving, making ourselves more prone to accidents.

Small distractions while on the road can lead to a fatal accident. We tend to overlook traffic rules, while in a hurry or when distracted, greatly increasing the probability of an accident. Here are some ways by which our lifestyle influences the occurrence of accidents:

Improper use of Technology

Technology has made our lives better. However, due to our improper usage, it can even prove fatal for us. For instance, in recent times, usage of mobile phones while driving or crossing roads have resulted in major accidents. Receiving a call, texting or browsing the Internet while driving are the major causes leading to an accident.

According to a study made by WHO, around 18% accidents all around the world occur due to the driver or pedestrian using mobile phones while driving or crossing the road. Usage of phones distract, resulting in lack of awareness about nearby situations, leading to more chances of an accident.

Lack of Sleep

Our changing lifestyle, has severely affected our sleep timings making us more stressed and distracted. In particular, people with sleep apnea are at a high risk of accidents and crashes. Also due to change in work timings such as night shifts, overtime etc. risk of accidents while driving has increased drastically.


In our current lifestyle, we try to deal with too many activities simultaneously, which becomes one of the major concerns of an accident. Similarly, people think of other tasks, attend their mobile phones, listen to loud music, don’t pay attention to rear view mirrors, avoid receiving and giving signals etc. while on the road, resulting in accidents.

Consuming Medications and Driving

Many medications make us feel drowsy and driving after consuming those makes us prone towards accidents. It can be harmful to the driver, the passengers as well as other drivers on the road.

Drunken Driving

In recent times, drunken driving has been the major cause for most of road accidents. According to a recent study, of all the major accidents, around 50% are due to the driver being drunk.

Life is valuable and safety is one of the first priorities to prevent an accident. It is a fact that however careful we may be, we sometimes cannot stop unfortunate accidents. But, we can prevent financial losses arising due to accidents to a certain level by opting for an appropriate personal accident insurance.


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