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Top must-visit Places of Brazil

March 30 2015
the equator. Named after the Brazilwood that was once predominantly grown by natives and sold to European traders, Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese as against the Spanish who colonized most of the South, Central and parts of Northern America. Today, Brazil is a culturally diverse country with varied geography, people and history.

Something for Everybody

A country of extremes, Brazil is a travelers' delight. From lively, vivacious cities to pristine beaches to the organic diversity of the rain forests to natural wonders like Iguacu falls, Brazil offers something to everybody. Travelers Delight

Fun-loving, warm and extremely friendly, Brazilians are probably the best hosts and treat foreigners with genuine respect and admiration. Brazilians constitute an ethnically-diverse population and they regard friendship and hospitality above most other traits.

Exciting Cities of Brazil

Brazil is full of exciting cities - small, laidback, colonial-style towns to large frenzied metropolises to coastal hideouts. The "must-see" cities are as follows.


Culinary Delights

Brazilian cuisine is just as diverse as the country's geography. Most of it is "imported and indigenized." This is because of the varied ethnic groups who have made Brazil their home.


1. Brasilia - Capital of Brazil. An architectural masterpiece. Only city in the world built in the 20th Century to be named UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

2. Sao Paulo - Biggest city in Brazil and third largest in the world with more than 20 million residents just in Upper Sao Paulo. One of the most ethnically-diverse cities in the world. Cultural capital of the country. Known for its throbbing night life and diverse cuisine.

3. Salvador - The first capital of Brazil. One of the oldest cities in the Americas. Known for its street carnival and outdoor parties. Notable for its cuisine and music. Extensive beaches. Porto da Barra beach was elected Third Best in the World by Guardian newspaper.

4. Fortaleza - Fifth biggest in Brazil. Known for beaches, party atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife.


5. Manaus - Amazon's largest city. Known for its open zoo and a unique beach-and-museum.

6. Recife - Known fondly as the "Brazilian Venice." Popular for restaurants, beaches and the 'Carnaval'. A bustling metropolis.

7. Rio de Janeiro - Famous for the statue of "Christ the Redeemer," atop Corcovado Hill. Probably occupying the most spectacular setting for a metropolis in the world, Rio is surrounded by mountains, beaches, rainforests and the sea. World famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are here. The most visited tourist destination in Brazil.

Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders

Brazil is full of natural wonders. So if you are a nature fan, don't forget to check out the Amazon rainforest, Atlantic forest, Campos Gerais and the Pantanal. These forests are full of exotic vegetation and fauna. Amazing waterfalls of all sizes are seen in Brazil. From the 168-metres Itaquira Falls to the 353-metre Cachoiera de Fumaca to the expansive and impressive Iguacu Falls.

And oh! The Carnival

Samba Parades

The Carnival is, undoubtedly, the Biggest Party in the World. It occurs throughout Brazil lasting a full week in either February or early March. Thousands of tourists flock to the country for the massive samba parades of Rio de Janeiro and Sau Paulo.

Parting Thoughts

Explore the lesser known and Brazil will throw delightful surprises. Yet, any adventure needs protection from the unknown and unforeseen. A travel insurance plan that covers emergency hospitalization or reimbursement of other trip-related risks is the best way to secure yourself against life's unpleasant surprises before setting out on the Brazilian Voyage.

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