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How to Transfer Car Ownership Online?

Get details on car ownership transfer. Read about the requirements & steps on how to transfer car ownership

  • 28 Apr 2022
  • min read

Factually, transferring car ownership is a lengthy process. It involves the new owner of the car, the previous owner, and a pile load of necessary documents that need attestation and verification. However, some digital platforms have introduced ways to do it with ease. Before we look into the transfer process in detail, let us understand what it means and when it shouldn’t be done.

  • Normal sale and purchase of a used car, wherein the old owner’s name and details on the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) must be replaced by the new owner’s details.
  • Transfer in the case of the existing owner’s demise, whereby the legal heir to the car must inform the RTO about the demise within the next 30 days. However, the utilization of such a car by the heir is allowed for the next 3 months following the owner's demise.
  • Vehicle purchase during a public auction; herein, the original owner’s name is replaced by that of the new owner to whom the vehicle has been auctioned.

The process involved in the transfer of car ownership online and/or offline can subtly vary. You may also initiate the process by submitting the necessary application forms on the central government’s dedicated website—‘Parivahan.’

Car Ownership Transfer in the Case of Normal Sale/Purchase

To change ownership of a car under normal sale/purchase, just follow these steps:

  • Fill up Form 29 with the necessary details online and take a print.
  • Once the details are verified, hand out the form to the local RTO at the seller’s and purchaser’s location of residence. Herein, the purchaser needs to submit Form 30 within 14 days of transfer along with documents related to Form 1 and 2.
  • In the case of inter-state transfer, the purchaser needs to fill up Form 30 within 45 days of such transfer and submit necessary documents.
  • The buyer must also pay the necessary charges levied on such transfer under Rule 81 of the General Motor Vehicles (GMV) Rules 1989 to complete inter-state transfers.

The necessary documents involved include the vehicle’s RC, insurance certificate to car insurance certificate, PUC certificate, engine and chassis pencil print, the registering authority’s NOC, tax clearance certificate and the purchaser’s undertaking, along with identity and address proofs of both parties involved in transferring car ownership.

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Car Ownership Transfer in the Case of Existing Owner’s Demise

Here’s how one can transfer car ownership to the heir in the case of the demise of the car owner:

  • Provide the duly filled up Form 30 to the RTO within the next 3 months.
  • Submit necessary documents such as the owner’s death certificate, a document proving the heir’s relationship with the owner, and Form 20, along with other standard documents.
  • Pay the necessary fees levied under the GMV Rules 1989.

Car Ownership Transfer in the Case of Public Auction

To transfer car ownership online in the case of a public auction, follow the steps given below:

  • Submit a filled up Form 32 if such auction is sponsored by a state or the central government, within 30 days of purchase.
  • Hand over necessary documents to the local RTO. The paperwork involved is more or less similar to in the first case. In addition, you will also have to present proof of the auction conducted by the government.
  • Pay the necessary fees levied under Rue 81 of the GMV Rules 1989.

After applying for a car ownership transfer, you can check the status of your request online on the Parivahan website. You would only need your vehicle’s registration number to stay updated on transferring car ownership.

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