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Personal Liability Cover in Travel Insurance

The range of damages covered by personal responsibility or personal liability in travel insurance extends from the lowest to the highest. If one is at fault, he/she must comply with the person's request to make up for the loss. Your travel insurance plan's liability coverage will be helpful in this situation.

  • 18 Apr 2023
  • 5 min read

The majority of us desire the experience of travelling. One doesn't need a reason to travel, but let's also be mindful of the likelihood that unfavourable circumstances may occur while we are away from home. A travel insurance plan will make up the difference financially and socially for damages incurred. Most significantly, a robust travel insurance plan will expand the coverage to such circumstances if you inadvertently injure a third person or someone's property. The range of damages covered by personal responsibility or personal liability in travel insurance extends from the lowest to the highest. If one is at fault, he/she must comply with the person's request to make up for the loss. Your travel insurance plan's liability coverage will be helpful in this situation.

What is personal liability?

Generally, personal liability is the scenario in which you are legally accountable for an accident that causes property damage or physical harm, whether inside or outside your house. If your carelessness results in another person losing money or damage to property, you are personally responsible. You are also accountable for the loss, even though it is unintentional. So, your legal obligation to the person is known as personal liability. This also extends to any third-party injury or harm. In other words, you are subject to personal responsibility if a third party holds you accountable for the losses or damages. For instance, a guest suffers an injury in your home, or your kid breaks something like a window pane in a neighbour's house.

Accidents or untoward incidents can occur anytime and anywhere. This can take a severe turn, particularly if you get involved in an unforeseen circumstance while travelling. You may attempt to absolve the issue by resolving it legally if you consider that your conduct did not directly contribute to the other person's losses. If you purchase the right travel insurance coverage, it will be simpler to lessen the effects of personal responsibility costs with the help of personal liability cover in terms of travel insurance. Knowing that your travel insurance company will represent you in all interactions with third parties may give you peace of mind.

Is Personal Liability Cover Mandatory with International Travel Insurance?

If you're accountable for someone else's losses or injuries, personal liability coverage, also known as personal liability insurance coverage, safeguards your finances. Your family members are also covered, so you could be protected if your child unintentionally damages an expensive vase at a neighbour's house. The homeowners’ and renters’ insurance plans must include personal liability cover.

As the first measure before departing on your much anticipated international trip, avail of international travel coverage in India for a secured journey free from financial stress. Let us go over some situations where having health insurance while travelling abroad is necessary.

First and foremost, personal liability travel insurance helps us in many ways during medical emergencies. A medical problem is the last thing you want to encounter when your goal is to discover a new location and maximise the opportunity to know about the place and its culture. The right international travel insurance plan protects you by paying for your medical costs. Unexpected events can increase the cost of your travel-related expenses, like losing your baggage or Passport or simply having your journey delayed by inclement weather. Also, in the event of any trip interruption or cancellation, the coverage will pay for the unforeseen expenses you need to spend on travel and lodging.

Although it is not mandatory to purchase international travel insurance for some countries, buying one to travel hassle-free makes sense. Remember to check whether the policy you want to buy includes personal liability insurance coverage.

Features of Personal Liability Cover in Travel Insurance

All travellers should give personal liability coverage in their travel insurance some thought. In your native country, you could have dealt with similar cases that involve third-party losses and survived unscathed. If you are a foreigner, this would not be the case. The rules also vary from country to country, and there might be a possibility of the authorities withholding your Passport or cancelling your Visa.  

The best part about travel insurance personal liability cover is that it does not just apply to minor accidents and injuries. Personal liability travel insurance covers a broad range of factors, such as the ones listed below:

  • Damage to a third party’s property while you are travelling in a foreign country.
  • Any harm or damage to a third party’s vehicle while you are driving.
  • Costs related to the claim settlement process and hiring attorneys if required, although this depends on the extent of coverage your plan provides.
  • In case you are at fault, your insurer will pay for the medical expenses or other costs related to the damage suffered by the third party.
  • Third-party accidental death benefit, although this depends on the extent of coverage of your plan.
  • Payment for loss of income of the third party brought on by your negligence, but this depends on the terms and conditions and sum insured of your policy.

Therefore, these are considered the primary aspects of personal liability coverage that travel insurance policies follow.

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Benefits of Personal Liability Cover

If you are found accountable to a third party under your legal or personal liability insurance coverage, your insurer will pay those costs up to the predetermined sum insured or limit. But there are several advantages to opting for personal liability insurance coverage, such as:

  • While you are travelling with family or small children, any harm caused by them can also render you personally accountable. When you purchase personal liability travel insurance, the plan also covers your family members. But remember to check this with your insurer.
  • You must affirm your innocence if someone else accuses you of a misdemeanour. If you haven't intentionally damaged anything, your insurance will provide coverage for you.
  • The travel insurance provider will represent you and help you seek assistance, particularly in a foreign land. You can also avoid lengthy official processes by coming to a mutual understanding.
  • Your insurer will deal with any out-of-court settlements. But you can also go down the legal road if you believe the insurer is not providing the ideal settlement. You may not reimburse the whole sum plus any extra fees.

Please keep in mind that personal liability insurance coverage also has several exclusions. In the event of the transfer of any diseases, illegal activity, or purposeful/illegal behaviour, you will not be eligible for this benefit. Personal liability insurance won't pay for any harm your pets or other animals cause if you are travelling with them.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Plans with Personal Liability Cover

You can consider the following ways to buy such plans:

  • You can look for personal liability travel insurance plans online
  • Get in touch with various insurers to get a quote and understand the terms and conditions
  • You can physically visit an insurer’s office and purchase a policy in person

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various insurance providers online is much easier than personally visiting their offices as it involves time and effort. As the scope of coverage varies from insurer to insurer, you must learn about the exclusions and how to make a claim if the need arises. You can compare various quotes and make a decision based on your requirements.

If a third party brings a responsibility claim against you, only under such circumstances should you go ahead and make a claim under your personal liability policy. Use the regional and global toll-free line to contact your insurance provider and let your insurer know about the incident.

Personal liability coverage is an important feature offered by a travel insurance policy. You must be mindful that it will only be advantageous if the third party's claim for you is unfounded and you haven't maliciously damaged anyone's property or caused bodily harm. Most individuals don't think about personal or legal responsibilities while travelling overseas. Also, if you are travelling to a place where it can be an expensive affair to seek legal assistance or any other help, your personal liability cover will protect you against needless legal costs in addition to required expenses for medical issues and compensating the third party.

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