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Five Mantras for Perfect Riding

It is always advisable to be well acquainted with your new ride in controlled conditions under the supervision of a professional.

  • 19 Jun 2015
  • min read

Moto-mantras for a better ride

It is always advisable to be well acquainted with your new ride in controlled conditions under the supervision of a professional. The following are neither skills nor tips and tricks. They are 5 Moto-mantras that will help make your ride a better one.

Ride Your Own Ride

Do not try to hunt when you cannot keep the kill. If the rider ahead of you is going beyond your capabilities, let him. If a rider tries to overtake you from any side or try to win an undeclared race, let him.

Attempting to compete with other riders or riding beyond your normal capabilities might prove to be fatal, both physically and legally.

Dress for the Crash; Not for the Ride

This is mandatory for both city rides as well as for long rides. Having the maximum protection during a crash certainly reduces the chances of any serious injury. Besides, it’s always best to invest in a good riding gear than spending on medical expenses.

Slowing Traffic? Scan the Surroundings

Whenever traffic slows down suddenly, it is always advisable to stay to the left or right of the car ahead of you. This provides a quick escape route when needed. Also, always ride in a gear lower than you usually would, so you may jump forward instantly when prompted.

Watch out for spilled oil or fuel that shows up as shiny pavement. Sand and gravel can be more difficult to spot. Being vigilant can avert an accident!

Always Have a Maneuverable Backup

Bikes may be light in weight, but this also makes them extremely maneuverable in case things get ugly on the streets. There’s almost always an escape route. Your ability to move left or right within a lane enables you to see what is ahead and gives you a lot of extra time to react.

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Ensure to Insure

Riding is a bike enthusiast’s pleasure, irrespective of time and place. However, it is equally important to keep yourself and your bike secure.

A comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy gives you a hassle-free protection against all odds like physical damage, theft, and third party liability. It also provides additional benefits like cashless garage facility, 24x7 support and No Claim Bonus for the policyholder.

Every ride, however small it may be, involves decision. Indecision leads to loss of precious time, distance and focus. It is very essential to be alert about others who might be riding unsafe around you. Educating self on the basics and setting clear priorities for every riding situation is the best way to be a better rider.

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