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Insurance Article

Secure your Ride with a Helmet

April 22 2016
Safety starts with you

Factors that make the helmet better and the journey safer

According to a recent survey conducted in a metropolitan city in India, 1,434 of the 1,453 bikers who had died in a road crash during the period from January 1, 2013 to June 28, 2015 were not wearing helmets.

While in the same duration, only 19 two-wheeler riders wearing helmets lost their lives. These figures clearly show the seriousness of the impact that a blow on the head can have and the importance of using a helmet.

Why Wear Helmets?

Several doctors share their experiences wherein they have witnessed accident victims with shattered helmets who had escaped death with minor injuries. In view of these disturbing figures and incidents, many states across the country have passed a regulation that makes properly strapped helmets a compulsion for two wheeler riders.

Some states also require a retroreflective material to be a part of the helmet’s design. The exact information regarding the location and the total surface area needing a retroreflective material can be obtained from any local motor-vehicle department.

Here are some factors that you need to check for while choosing a helmet that will lend you a sturdy shield.

  • Right Fit
  • A good helmet should have a strong strap that is easy to adjust and fits without much fiddling. The helmet should shield against the first impact on collision and stay put on your head in order to sustain the subsequent ones.

  • Comfortable to Wear
  • An ideal helmet is a combination of an attractive design and lasting comfort. With cool, lightweight and unobtrusive material, it ensures convenient utility.

  • Highly Visible
  • A helmet should be conspicuous for other motorists to notice you on the road during the daytime as well as in the night. Helmets with striking colours and light-reflective stickers are easy to spot from a distance.

  • Round Outer Shell
  • Make sure while buying a helmet that it has a smooth and round outer shell to prevent snagging on collision with a sharp object. With an impact-absorb lining and comfort padding, it should lend you total protection.

  • Multiple Impact Resistant
  • A helmet should be lightweight to prevent you from being pulled towards the field where energy is concentrated during a crash. It should also be rigid for sustaining multiple impacts that follow one after the other.

How to Try On Your Helmet

You can always check for the perfect fit once the helmet is on your head. Following are features that you need to be sure of before you decide on the ideal match for your head.

  • The cheek pads should comfortably touch your cheeks
  • Make sure there are no gaps between your temples and the brow pads
  • If the helmet has a neck roll make sure it does not push it away from the back of your neck
  • If you have a full-face helmet, check by pressing on the chin piece for the face shield should not touch your nose or chin

Be Sure With Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance is not just a matter of financial security, it also compulsory by law. A reliable motorcycle insurance plan can protect you from exigency costs in case of an accident. While providing cover third party damages, an insurance plan can be customise to suit your particular requirements with add-ons on payment of extra premium.

One can also cover the pillion passenger against accidental injuries. Many insurers also offer the option to secure your vehicle against damage from both natural and manmade calamities.

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