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Tips To Select The Right Bike Helmet

While buying a new bike helmet for yourself, it’s not just the graphics and colour you should look at. There are far more important aspects which you should consider.

  • 17 Nov 2021
  • min read

You spend a considerable amount of time and money to buy your favourite bike. You leave no stone unturned to keep it in top condition. You must have purchased a comprehensive bike insurance plan to protect it from unforeseen adversities. But, what about the helmet that you will wear while riding your bike?

Undoubtedly, a helmet is the most important safety gear that you need to wear while riding a bike. In case of a road accident, it protects your head and brain from serious injuries. In the absence of a helmet, the rider’s head can suffer severe injuries which is preventable with a helmet. Hence, choosing the right bike helmet for yourself is as important as buying and maintaining your bike.

However, while buying a new bike helmet for yourself, it’s not just the colour and graphics that you should look at. There are far more important things which you should consider, such as the helmet’s type, size, shape, and safety certifications. Apart from that, we at ICICI Lombard do recommend to get yourself a motor insurance as well, to safeguard your vehicle from any damages! Below are a few tips that can help you choose the right bike helmet for yourself:

1. Know the size and shape of your head

Every individual has a different body structure. Just like a T-shirt, a bike helmet comes in different shapes and sizes. Majorly, it’s available in three sizes – M, L, and XL – and three shapes – round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. It’s important to know the size and shape of your head and buy a helmet accordingly.

Wearing a wrong size helmet can do more harm than good. A loose helmet can fail to provide optimum protection to your head whereas, a tight helmet can put pressure on your head which can result in headache, dizziness, and compromised blood circulation.

2. Know the right type of helmet for you

You should have the proper knowledge of different types of helmets available in the market and what’s the best for you. Basically, there are four types of helmets:

1.Open face helmets

These are among the most common and easily available helmets in the market. These are lightweight helmets that offers great ventilation. These helmets do not have a jawline and hence, exposes your face for proper visibility and ventilation. These helmets are hence, fit for short city rides but not recommended for high-speed rides.

2.Full face helmets

These helmets cover the whole face of the riders and provide them an added layer of protection. They also protect the jaws of the rider as they have an immovable jawline in front. These helmets are therefore, fit for long, highway rides where you need to ride your bike at high speeds.

3.Modular helmets

Modular helmets are the combination of half and full-face helmets. These helmets can be converted into full-face or half-face helmets as per the rider’s wish. These helmets are specially designed for city riders who occasionally go for high-way rides.

4.Motocross helmets

These are full-face helmets but with a different build and structure. Unlike a normal full-face helmet, these helmets are designed to be lightweight, and offer more visibility and ventilation for the rider. These helmets are most suitable for riding in off-road conditions.

3. Look for the ISI logo on the back of the helmet

The Indian Standard Institute (ISI) has been authorised by the Government of India to ensure standard compliances for industrial products since 1955. An ISI logo on the back of a helmet assures that it complies with respective quality standards which are necessary for bike riders in India. Therefore, while buying a helmet, you must check the ISI mark on its back.

In fact, if you’re caught riding a bike in India without wearing an ISI-certified helmet, you may get penalised by the traffic cops. As per the latest notification issues by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it will be mandatory from 1st June 2021 for all two-wheeler owners to wear an ISI-marked helmet while riding their vehicles.

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4. Don’t ignore the comfort factor

Yes, proper safety and certification is the primary thing you should look at while buying a helmet. However, that does not mean that you should ignore the comfort it is offering to you during the rides. A good bike helmet should be sturdy as well as comfortable on your head.

It should be able to provide you proper ventilation and breathability. You should not feel suffocated while wearing your helmet. These things become even more crucial when you go for long rides or get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic during sultry summer days.

Also, check the helmet for noise it’s creating during rides. If a helmet is creating unnecessary high noise while you’re riding at high speeds, it can seriously affect your hearing capability.


5. The colour and graphics are the last thing

Lastly, you should pay attention to the styling factors such as colour and graphics of a helmet while buying it. You can ask the vendor to show you all colours and graphic patterns available in a specific type of helmet you have finalised for yourself. After all, you would want to stand out from the rest of the riders on road.

Opt for the design which aligns with your clothing style and bike’s colour. You can either go with a helmet of same colour as that of your bike or you can also opt for a contrasting colour. Additionally, do consider the bike helmet price before buying one.

The final word

Helmet is the most important safety gear that you need to wear during a bike ride. Hence, be careful while buying a helmet for bike. You must wear your helmet and other protective gears whenever you go out on a ride with your bike. This can not only save you from getting penalised but also protect you from any serious injury.

For protection of your bike and its accessories, you can purchase a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan with us. Click here to know more.


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