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Buying A Second-Hand Bike Or Car? Get These Documents First!

Are you planning to buy a used vehicle in India? You're not alone! Second-hand bikes and cars are purchased both online and offline daily in our country.

  • 10 Aug 2020
  • 2 min read

Are you planning to buy a used vehicle in India? You're not alone! Second-hand bikes and cars are purchased both online and offline daily in our country. However, before you make a purchase, it is always best to be prepared for the paperwork that you'll have to take care off. Don't fret, we've done the homework for you and put a document checklist together. Take a look!

Vehicle purchase document

The first document you need to collect is the original invoice of the vehicle. Check for the owner's name, chassis number, engine number and other essential details. It will help you confirm the real owner of the car or bike and also help you determine whether the vehicle is being sold for the first time. If the seller is not able to provide it, he/she should give a receipt to serve the purpose.

Registration document

The most critical bike or car document that you need while purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is the registration document also called a Registration Card (RC). You will need to transfer the RC to your name. Visit your RTO and submit the following documents to begin the transfer process:

  • Original RC
  • Form 29 & 30
  • Copy of bike/car insurance papers
  • Copy of valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Copies of residence proof, such as a voter ID, passport or electricity bill
  • Crime Report of NCRB

If the RC is missing, submit Form 26 and copy of First Information Report (FIR) filed at the police station to the RTO for a duplicate RC.

Download RTO forms

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

In case there is a bank seal on the RC book, it means the original buyer took the vehicle on loan, and the RC cannot be transferred to you. You will need to take Form 35 stamped and collect an NOC from the car or bike loan provider/bank, stating loan clearance. The seller must also submit RTO Form 28, which is an NOC proving no liabilities exist on the owner, which can legally prevent him/her from selling the vehicle.

Transaction documents

You will need to make the purchase/sale agreement or the sale transaction receipt with the vehicle owner. The agreement must be executed or notarized on a stamp paper. You will also need to issue a delivery note or challan, which indicates you've taken the physical delivery of the vehicle from the owner, and you will be henceforth responsible for all types of litigation, traffic offence, etc.

Tax receipt

Road tax payment at the right time is a must for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. It is typically paid at the time of registration. Collect the RTO road tax receipt copies from the owner of the vehicle before sealing the deal.

Motor insurance

Third-party legal liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in India, including both cars and bikes. If you start driving the pre-owned vehicle without insurance, you may end up paying an unnecessary fine. Motor insurance also protects you from accidental damage and natural calamities. So transfer the insurance policy for the used vehicle in your name. The insurer may ask for an inspection of the car or bike before transferring the policy to you.

It is a good practice to check the number of claims the owner has made on his car insurance policy or bike insurance policy in the last few years, as this will indicate the number of accidents and repairs the vehicle has seen.

If the insurance policy has expired, you need to buy a new one before taking the vehicle on the road. Check our motor insurance policies online to secure your ride.

Pollution certificate

Before purchasing the vehicle, make sure that the owner has the Pollution certificate. The PUC document is mandatory for all vehicles. If you don't have the PUC certificate, you may have to pay a hefty fine on the road. If the owner does not furnish the PUC document, get the pollution test done for the vehicle before possession.

Payment documents

When you make the payment to the seller, keep a couple of copies of the DD/cheque you issued. Also get a few copies of the payment receipt, duly signed by the seller.

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Apart from these relevant documents, here are a few other pointers to add to your checklist -

  • Check the used vehicle's condition thoroughly , whether you're purchasing a bike  or car. Take it for a spin and get the engine, transmission, cooling, wheels, etc. checked by a trusted mechanic. Be sure to make the checks before taking the vehicle home as well, as dubious sellers may swap some parts just before delivery.
  • Visit the National Crime Records Bureau to check for stolen vehicle information.
  • All cars are sold in India with a set of two original keys. If you're buying a second-hand car, collect both keys from the owner. Don't forget to check if the ignition switch turns on with both.

Buying a used vehicle online or offline can be a simple, straightforward process, as long as you get the documentation right. Once you've ticked all the above items off your checklist, you can confidently sign on the dotted line, and take your ride home. Safe driving!

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