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Why travel Insurance is important while travelling abroad. : #TravelWorryFree

Amit Bhandari, (Head, Underwriting and Claims, ICICI Lombard) discusses the importance of travel insurance while travelling abroad

Q: A lot of customers have also asked this question is that we do not understand completely what a travel insurance product is. You know, some people believe its medical insurance, the others believe it's just a baggage insurance cover. So, would you first try and demystify the scope what travel insurance really is for our viewers?

Ans. Let me now make things simple unlike, you know, what issues are blamed for that, you made things complicated. So, if look from an individual's point of view when he is travelling abroad, so what are the things which can happen to him, let's say, his trip can get cancelled, he might not even start his travel. Let's say when he has boarded the flight, his baggage can get lost. His, you know, hand baggage can get lost; his checked-in baggage can get delayed. Once he has landed in the country, his passport can get lost; he can be robbed in that country. These are all the asset related, losses which can happen to a person.

Q: I can see that you are talking good things and he is talking everything that can go wrong potentially.

Ans. You know, I was just thinking when he was talking about travel card and this FOREX card and these things, his card can also get lost. His currency can get lost. You know we are in this business of thinking extreme. Those are the things which can happen to you. And the last thing but not the least thing is that your health can also becomeā€¦. that can also be addressed. Let's say out can fall sick. You can meet an accident there. These are the two kinds of risks that can happen when you are travelling abroad. A travel insurance policy covers both these risks. So, it covers your trip delay. It covers your baggage loss, baggage delay. It even covers your hand baggage loss. It covers your passport loss, in case. It also covers, you know, when you get robbed, it can help you at that point in time and also, when you fall sick, or you meet with an accident, whatever amount which you spend, you can get through cashless, or through reimbursement. So, it comprehensively covers all the risks which one can think of.

Q: So, I think one of the questions that viewers had asked very often is that, you know, we understand baggage loss is covered, passport loss is covered, but how is health covered? Because, you know, when you say the hospitalization, is it, you know, if somebody falls sick and he gets hospitalized, is it only in case of an accident, because these are two different kinds of covers. So, what you are saying is that travel insurance covers both loss of baggage or trip delays or any such impact that you could have in the trip. And also covers the health of the individual. So, would you like how the health ka part is covered and what is covered in that?

That's very important because people believe that, within India, health insurance when you buy, it covers only in-patient hospitalization. So, basically, once you can get admitted for more than 24 hours, then only health insurance policy will kick in. But, when you travel abroad, insurance covers not only when you get hospitalized. They also cover the OPD treatment. So, you go visit a doctor for your fever or any cough, cold that part will also get covered. Needless to say, it will also cover if you meet with any accident. So, it comprehensively covers anything and everything which you spend to take care of your health.

Concluding Remarks by Interviewer: That's a lot of coverage. So, basically it an assurance to the customer that anything that happens to him or his family personally in terms of health, or anything that happens to him in terms of his trip factors, which could be about baggage or delays is all comprehensively covered. That's wonderful. That will be very insightful to our customers out there.