Stay Protected in Times of Uncertainty

Discover the perfect policy for your healthcare needs with ICICI Lombard's health insurance . It offers benefits like donor expenses that cover the hospitalisation expenses incurred by the organ donor. If you feel that you are prone to certain illness due to family history or any other reason, then you can opt for the critical illness cover. With this cover, you get a lump sum amount up to the extent of cover opted on your first diagnosis of such critical illness. Read More

Benefits of Health Insurance

ICICI Lombard health insurance offers several attractive features, in turn providing a number of benefits. With optional benefits like the critical illness cover or personal accident cover, it enhances your healthcare coverage, so that you and your family stay protected financially, in times of uncertainty.

With our comprehensive health insurance policy, you get:


Critical Illness Cover


Donor Expenses


Tax Benefit Under Section 80D


Timely Claim Settlement


Free Look Period


Cover for Alternate Medical Treatment (AYUSH)


Reset Benefit



Prerna Bapat

ICICI Lombard's health policy has an optional critical illness cover. With my family history of cancer, it was a prudent choice to opt for this cover. Though I don't know whether I will ever have to go through those unfortunate times, at least there is an assurance that my finances won't suffer.


Kishore Chauhan

I recently underwent a kidney transplant with my sister being the organ donor. While my ICICI Lombard's health insurance policy covered my medical expenses, it also paid for my organ donor's hospitalisation expenses. This useful donor expense feature proved to be very beneficial for me and eased my financial burden to an extent.

Case Study

Mihir had opted for an ICICI Lombard health insurance policy with an optional critical illness cover of ` 10 lakhs. He had to make the first claim when he was diagnosed with liver cancer, for which he incurred initial treatment expenses of ` 5 lakhs.

After undergoing a series of treatments, it was decided that a liver transplant was the most beneficial option for him. His brother, who was a match for an organ donor, voluntarily opted for the donation.

Mihir's health insurance policy had the feature of donor expense, which took care of his brother's hospitalisation cost as well. With his critical illness cover taking care of all his medical expenses, his family’s financial worries were at ease.

The surgery turned out to be a success and currently, Mihir is in remission. Though it was an emotionally trying time, he and his family are grateful for the ICICI Lombard policy, which reduced the financial load that comes with major illnesses.


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