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Consumable Cover In Car Insurance


About consumable cover in car insurance 

To know about consumable cover in motor insurance, it's better first to understand the term 'consumables'. Consumables are commodities that have a specific and limited use. They cannot be reused and need to be replaced after a specific time. In cars, consumables refer to engine oil, lubricants, oil filter and brake oils, among others. 

As comprehensive car insurance does not cover consumables, you are required to bear their costs. A consumable cover can help cover these in case of an accident. However, consumable cover insurance is an add-on that'll need you to pay an additional premium. 

What are the benefits of consumable cover in car insurance?

Enhances coverage

Car insurance consumable is an add-on feature of car insurance. By covering additional things such as oil filters, lubricant clip etc., it extends the policy's coverage.

Value for money

Promotes savings

This add-on provides coverage for the cost of consumables in car insurance. You don’t have to pay for these expenses out of pocket.

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Who should opt for a consumable cover?

  • If you hate paying small bills for accidental expenses for engine oil replacement, oil filter expenses, and so on, opt for the coverage of consumable items in car insurance.

  • If you don’t want to deal with minor repairs and replacements after an accident, choose consumable cover in insurance.

  • If you are buying a comprehensive car insurance policy or a stand-alone own damage car insurance policy and wish to enhance its coverage.

What is covered in consumable cover in car insurance?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Lubricants and oils

    Consumable cover in car insurance covers all types of oils and lubricants. Such types of oils, once used, are burnt away. The add-on for consumables in motor insurance covers expenses for brake oil, AC gas, and engine oil in case of an accident. 
  • Nuts and bolts

    Nuts and bolts fall under the category of consumables. Once you use these items, you cannot reuse them. Therefore, this add-on takes care of such expenses in consumable items in car insurance.
  • Other products

    Consumable cover in insurance pays for all products that can only be used for a limited period and cannot be reused. Screws, washers, bearing and clips are examples of other products covered under consumable cover.
  • If you or your driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, our consumables in car insurance will not help you.
  • If you are using your private car for a commercial purpose, you will not be able to claim under our consumable items cover. 
  • In case of electrical or mechanical failure, the coverage under our consumable cover in car insurance will not come into play.
  • Under consumables in car insurance, we do not cover the normal wear and tear of your consumable parts.
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How does a consumable cover help?

To understand how consumable cover in car insurance helps, let us use an example.

Assume you are driving your car and meet with an accident. As a result, you now have to pay ₹10,000 for repair work. Out of this ₹10,000 bill, the own-damage portion of your comprehensive policy covers repair worth ₹8,000. The remaining costs are for consumables such as grease, nuts and bolts and screws, which you must pay for out of your pocket.

Now, in this case, if you had a consumable cover in motor insurance, you wouldn’t have had to pay for any consumables by yourself. In simple words, the car insurance consumables add-on amplifies the coverage of your comprehensive four wheeler insurance.

How to claim in car insurance? 

  • 1
    Call our toll-free number to inform us about the mishap. Our executives will ask for your basic details. Make sure you inform us before the repairs begin. 
  • 2
    Under the cashless claim, you need to visit our network garage, and the bill will be settled by us directly with the garage. 
  • 3
    In case of a reimbursement claim, you have to submit the repair and maintenance bill along with your policy details. This process can be initiated online.
  • 4
    Post submission, we will validate your details. If the verification is successful, we will reimburse the claim amount to you.

How to renew consumable cover in car insurance? 

You can renew your car insurance with consumable cover online with us in a simple and convenient way. All you need to do is:

  • 1
    Click here to visit our car insurance with consumable cover renewal page.
  • 2
    Enter your vehicle’s registration number or your registered mobile number.
  • 3
    Click on ‘Proceed’
  • 4
    Follow the instructions to renew your car insurance with consumable cover as an add-on.

You can also visit the link sent to your registered mobile number and e-mail id to renew your cover.

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Things to remember if you get consumable cover add-on in car insurance

  • The consumable cover in car insurance claims must be made under the comprehensive policy's own-damage section. Own-damage provides coverage to cars in the event of theft or accident.

  • The consumable expenses cover cannot be bought with third party liability insurance. You can only purchase it with a comprehensive policy and own damage car insurance.

  • The consumable cover add-on will not pay for the cost of consumables in car insurance if there have been consequential damage or wear and tear.

Consumable maintenance tips

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Oil and oil filters

You should replace them as per the manufacturer guidelines. Most manufacturers recommend changing synthetic oil and oil filters every three months or 4,800 kilometres. Non-synthetic oil, on the other hand, has a range of kilometres between 5,000 and 10,000.

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Air filters

Filters that are clogged are similar to blocked noses and make air passage difficult. One must change the air filter after every 24,000 to 48,000 kilometres. If you travel on a dusty road, you should change your filter every 24,000 kilometres.


The coolant helps to avoid engine overheating when the car is in motion. With time, the coolant PH level fluctuates or decreases. Just to be cautious, replace this consumable after every 96,000 kilometres of driving.

Frequently asked questions about consumable cover in car insurance

Does a consumable cover cost extra?

Is buying consumable cover in car insurance worth it? 

Yes, the consumable cover add-on eliminates the need for you to incur out-of-pocket expenses in case of any accidents.

Can I get a consumable cover for a new car?

Yes, you can purchase the consumable cover in car insurance for a new car.

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