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Dealer Name Address City State Contact No Contact Person Type of Vehicle Manufacturer Latitude Longitude Operations
A B Motors Pvt Ltd 53, Industrial Areaphase -Iichandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 0172-3075501 / 1723075501 Na Car Ford     
Apex Motors 45, Inds. Areaphase-2-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 1725078298 / 172507829 Sarkaria Satinderjit Singh Car Tata Motors     
Ashwani Automobiles Pvt Ltd 181/3-B, Industrial Areaphase -I-Chandigarh-Punjab-160001 Chandigarh Punjab 9876222111 / 9876222111 Aman Grover Car Hyundai     
Autopace Network Pvt Ltd Plot No 112-113Ind,Areaphase-1-Chandigarh-Punjab-160101 Chandigarh Punjab 9876303060 / 9876303060 Suresh Sharma Car Maruti     
Berk Auto Limited Liability Partnership Plot No 27 Phase 1 Chandigarh Haryana-Chandigarh-Punjab-160031 Chandigarh Punjab 8195099993 / 8195099993 K P Singh Car Hyundai     
Car Clinic 128, Industrial Area Phase 2Chandigarhchandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 0172-2652447 / 0172-26524 Akhil Car Maruti     
Charisma Goldwheels Pvt Ltd Plot No.7 Industrail Area,Phase-1-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9216275960 / 9216275960 Amarjeet / Monica Car Hyundai     
Cm Autosales P Ltd Plot No 17Industrial Areaphase 1-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 8284800830 / 8284800830 A S Malhotra Car Maruti     
Em Pee Motors Ltd Plot No.177 - H,Ph - 1,Inds.Area,-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9815955442 / 9815955442 Gurpreet Car Toyota     
Harbir Automobiles Pvt Ltd Plot No 182/84 Industrial Area Phase 1Chandigarh -Chandigarh-Punjab-160001 Chandigarh Punjab 9888807333 / 9888807333 Maneet Singh Car Mahindra     
Joshi Auto Wheels Pvt Ltd Plot Comm 33Area Phase 1-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9501102292 / 9501102292 Rajesh Dogra Car Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd     
Joshi Automotives Pvt Ltd Plot No.67,Industrial Area,Phase - Ii,-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9876544735 / 9876544735 Mr.Suri Car Honda     
Joshi Autozone Pvt. Ltd. 41-42, Industrial Area, Phase-2Chandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9878941927 / 9878941935 Mukesh Kumar Car Mercedes Benz     
Kas Cars Pvt Ltd Plot No 171 Industrial Area Phase 1 Chandigarh Punjab-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9872200984 / 9872200984 Jitender Papneja Car Fiat     
Krishna Automobiles Plot Not 125Industrial Area, Phase-1Chandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160101 Chandigarh Punjab 9915733011 / 9915733011 Sachit Passi Car Bmw     
Lally Automobiles Private Limited Plot No 6 Phase No 1Industrial Areachandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160017 Chandigarh Punjab 9878477708 / 9878477701 Gautam Car Honda     
Modern Automobiles 4 Mw, Industrial Area,Phase - I, Chandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9872707370 / 9872707370 Na Car Maruti     
Padam Motors Pvt Ltd Plot No 185, Inds Area Phase 1Plot No 185, Inds Area Phase 1Chandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160018 Chandigarh Punjab 8054998909 / 8054998909 Customer Care Car General Motors     
Saluja Motors Pvt Ltd Plot No-140, Industrial Areaphase - Ii-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9872072097 / 9872072097 Varinder / H S Saluja Car Ford     
Stan Autos Pvt Ltd 42 Ramdarbar Industrial Area Phase 2 Chandigarh -Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 8872862800 / 8872862800 Sanjeev Kumar Car Maruti     
Swami Automobiles Pvt Ltd Plot No. 23,Industrial Area, Phase 1 , Chandigarh-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9876692100 / 9876692100 Deepak K Sharma Car M & M     
Swami Automotives Pvt Ltd Plot No.32,Phase-1,Industrial Area,-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9779455154 / 9779455154 Neeraj Rakki Car Volkswagen     
Tricity Autos Plot No 29/6Industrial Areaphase 2-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 8054531234 / 8054531234 Lakhbir Singh Car Maruti     
Ultimate Automobiles Pvt Ltd Plot 155, Indl Area Phase-1,Nr Werka Milk Plant-Chandigarh-Punjab-160027 Chandigarh Punjab 9872987221 / 9872987221 Mr.Ramandeep Singh Car Hyundai     
Verma Motors Plot No 4,Induatrial Area,Phase - 1,Qutbullapur, -Chandigarh-Punjab-160001 Chandigarh Punjab 9814004129 / 9814004129 Mr P K Verma Car Multi Car Garage     
Zenica Performance Cars Pvt Ltd Plot No 27/9 Indind Area Phase 2-Chandigarh-Punjab-160002 Chandigarh Punjab 7087215911 / 9650219911 Amrinder Singh Car Porsche     
Rsa Motors Pvt Ltd Plot No 5 Ind Area Phase ,1 Chandigarh ,Punjab,Chandigarh,Punjab,160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9814844119 / 9814844119 Narinder Singh Car Tata Motors     
Raj Vehicles Mohali 34 Gf Ind Area Phase 1,Chandigarh ,Punjab,Chandigarh,Punjab,160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9041092380 / 9041092380 Sachin Kaushal Car Mahindra     
Joshi Ventures Pvt Ltd 182/1 Industrial Area Phase 1,Chandigarh Punjab Chandigarh,Punjab,160002 Chandigarh Punjab 9875923025 / 9875923025 Gurvinder Singh Car Kia Motors     
Navdesh Autos Llp Plot No 42 Industrail Area ,Phase 2 Chandigarh Chandigarh,Punjab,160002 Chandigarh Punjab 8872075252 / 8872075252 Sikandar Car Maruti     

Ride Freely with Cashless Garages in Chandigarh

Riding gives you a sense of freedom that is unparalleled by any other mode of personal transport. ICICI Lombard’s two-wheeler insurance policy allows you to enjoy your ride to the maximum. With our wide network of 2500+ cashless garages around the country, assistance whenever needed is never far away.

Chandigarh is well covered with a total of network garages to assist you in an emergency. The joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, the city is ranked as one of the most well planned cities in India, with wide roads and greenery being part of the landscape in equal measure. The city is also famous for its gardens, museums, and art galleries.

Commuting in Chandigarh is a pleasant experience owing to its wide, well planned roads and ample parking spaces. Buses and auto rickshaws along with private vehicles are popular forms of transport here. Two wheelers are among the preferred mode of transport for many residents, and buying a two wheeler insurance can let you enjoy the sense of freedom for longer.

Benefits of ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance

ICICI Lombard’s two-wheeler insurance benefits cater to every need, so that you will never be left wanting for more. Here are a few benefits that our policy offers:


Cashless Service across 2500+ Garages


Options for Long-Term Cover


Voluntary Deductible


Cover against Damages due to Man-made Calamities


Online Policy Renewal


Third Party Legal Liability Cover

Two Wheeler Insurance

Customer Reviews


Rahul Bisht

I own a Honda Unicorn and have insured it through ICICI Lombard’s two wheeler insurance. It’s been two years now and fortunately I haven’t been through any incident on the road. Yet every time I come across an accident, I feel relieved to have a two wheeler insurance. The insurance has given me a peace of mind, which is important to ride on Indian roads.


Ashutosh Mahadik

I was looking for a long term cover for my bike when one of my friends recommended me ICICI Lombard’s two wheeler insurance. The plan was exactly the one I was looking. The rates were competitive and the staff was friendly. I really liked your product and services. I would definitely recommend your services to others.


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