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About Honda Unicorn bike insurance

Honda Unicorn is one of the most popular street bikes in India. Honda Unicorn BS-VI is known for its excellent balance of integrity, comfort, and class, and takes Honda's superiority in making two wheelers to the next level. If you have recently bought a Honda Unicorn, don't forget to secure it with Honda Unicorn two wheeler insurance. You can also extend your cover by choosing from our add-ons offerings.

What are the types of Honda Unicorn bike insurance plans?

Two-wheeler vehicle package policy

In case you want to provide complete protection to your Honda Unicorn, consider buying comprehensive Honda Unicorn bike insurance. It not only protects your bike from damage caused by accidents or other unforeseen events but also protects you from third party liability and compensates for your medical expenditures.

Two-wheeler vehicle liability policy

As the name implies, third party liability Honda Unicorn motorcycle insurance protects you financially from the legal liability of third parties. This policy will cover any losses incurred if your bike injures someone else or damages their property in an accident. As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, if you are riding without this policy, you will be either penalised or punished by the concerned authority.

Stand-alone own-damage Honda Unicorn bike insurance

This standalone policy compensates for your bike damage incurred due to accident, fire, natural calamity etc. The policy came into existence in September 2019. However, if you do not have active third party liability insurance, you can’t buy this policy.

What is covered in Honda Unicorn bike insurance?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Natural disasters

    If you encounter any natural disaster while riding your bike or if your bike is damaged as a result of such a calamity when parked, we will compensate for the damage. ICICI Lombard covers events such as tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, and other similar natural catastrophes.
  • Manmade disasters

    Honda Unicorn bike insurance shields you against manmade disasters such as theft, vandalism, civil unrest, riots, terrorism, etc.
  • Personal accident

    In case you sustain an injury while riding the bike or while getting on or off your Honda Unicorn, we will provide you with a personal accident cover of Rs 15 lakh.
  • Third-party liability

    Honda Unicorn bike insurance will cover third-party legal liability stemming from accidental damage to a third party’s body or property.
  • Losses due to normal wear or tear, consequential losses, and electrical or mechanical damage.
  • Stolen accessories unless and until the entire bike is stolen.
  • Riding while intoxicated or indulging in unlawful activities.
  • Consequential losses.

Benefits of buying an online policy for Honda Unicorn

Have you liked the Honda Unicorn bike insurance quotation sent by us? If yes, let's secure your bike ride together. Visit ICICI Lombard and buy Honda Unicorn insurance online. Buying a policy online comes with a host of benefits.

Contactless policy issuance.

Minimal documentation.

Multiple online payment options to choose from.

Additional discounts on insurance premium.

How to renew Honda Unicorn bike insurance plans?

Are you stressed about missing your policy renewal deadlines? Grab your smartphone or laptop, visit our website and renew instantly in a few clicks. Follow the below steps to get bike policy renewal with ICICI Lombard.

  • 1
    Click here to visit our Honda Unicorn bike insurance renewal page.
  • 2
    Enter your Honda Unicorn registration number or your registered mobile number.
  • 3
    Click on ‘Proceed’.
  • 4
    Follow the instructions for Honda Unicorn insurance online renewal.

Frequently asked questions about Honda Unicorn bike insurance

What are the optional add-on covers that I can buy with my Honda Unicorn bike insurance

With ICICI Lombard Honda Unicorn bike insurance, you can purchase roadside assistance cover and zero depreciation cover as add-on.

Is Honda Unicorn third party two wheeler insurance mandatory?

Yes, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that you must have third party two wheeler insurance to ride on Indian roads. You do not, however, need to purchase a separate third-party liability policy if you have purchased comprehensive Honda Unicorn bike insurance.

How long does it take to renew a Honda Unicorn bike insurance?

It only takes a few minutes to renew your policy with ICICI Lombard. Simply go to our website, enter your registered mobile number and bike registration number, pay the premium, and get an instant renewal.

What should I enter on the premium calculator to get the right premium for my Honda Unicorn bike insurance?

To calculate the accurate premium for your Honda Unicorn bike insurance, you must provide your bike's registration number and your contact details. If you have ever filed a bike insurance claim, be sure to include that information in the calculator.

How to make a claim for your Honda Unicorn two wheeler insurance policy?

Just give us a call on 1800 2666 and we will take care of your insurance claim for Honda Unicorn. Not only will we arrange to pick up your damaged Honda Unicorn bike and send it to the closest network garage, but also get the repaired bike delivered to your doorstep. This process is cashless and our favourite way to settle a claim.

What are the documents required for Honda Unicorn two wheeler insurance claims?

All you need is a duly-filled claim form, policy document, RC copy, original repair invoices (for reimbursement claims), and FIR copy in case your bike is stolen. In some cases we may ask for a few more documents.

How to lower your Honda Unicorn insurance price?

You can reduce your Honda Unicorn bike insurance price by timely policy renewal, retaining NCB rewards, installing anti-theft devices, and choosing add-on covers that are suitable for your bike.

What is a cashless bike insurance claim for a Honda Unicorn bike and its procedure?

Under a cashless bike insurance claim, you can get your Honda Unicorn bike repaired and maintained at one of our network garages without paying anything from your pocket. Simply call our toll-free number 1800 2666 and inform our executives about the claim.

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