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Honda Shine
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About Honda Shine bike insurance

If you are looking for the best commuter bike, search no more. Honda Shine is here. Along with its elegant appearance and advanced features, Honda Shine offers great mileage—an important aspect for daily commuters. To make your Honda Shine ride absolutely stress free, ICICI Lombard offers comprehensive Honda Shine insurance. It shields your bike from any unfortunate events. At ICICI Lombard, we have kept Honda Shine insurance cost at a minimum. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your Honda Shine with ICICI Lombard now! If you need more reasons to opt for ICICI Lombard’s comprehensive Honda Shine bike insurance, then read on.

What are the types of Honda Shine bike insurance plans?

Two-wheeler vehicle package policy

Road mishaps are unpredictable and can cause huge damage to a bike, a rider, or a third party. A comprehensive Honda Shine insurance policy covers you against third-party liability as well as the bike's own damage. It also protects you financially if your bike sustains damage due to natural or manmade calamity, fire, theft, or other uncertain events.

Two-wheeler vehicle liability policy

As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, you cannot ride on a road if your bike does not have a third party liability policy or a feature of third party policy. Honda Shine third party insurance covers you if your motorcycle injures or damages a third party vehicle or property. However, this policy does not pay for your bike's own damage.

Stand-alone own-damage Honda Shine bike insurance

This policy solely covers damage to your bike. Introduced in September 2019 by the IRDAI, it covers incidents such as natural disasters, fire outbreaks, theft, and so on. However, you can only buy the policy if you already have Honda Shine third party insurance.

What is covered in Honda Shine bike insurance?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Natural disasters

    The occurrence of natural disasters cannot be predicted. In such situations, protecting one's bike is quite tough. Whether your bike is on the road or parked in a garage, Honda bike insurance protects it from events such as typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, and other natural disasters.
  • Manmade disasters

    When a riot breaks out, many properties and vehicles are destroyed and damaged in the mob outrage. Honda Shine bike insurance covers your bike from events such as vandalism, terrorism, theft, etc.
  • Personal accident

    Getting injured while riding is common, but how often have you heard someone getting injured while getting on or off the bike? However, if such instances happen, Honda Shine insurance provides ₹15 lakh personal accident cover.
  • Third-party liability

    During an accident, your bike may injure or damage the body, property, or vehicle of a third party. Honda Shine insurance will help you out financially in such situations.
  • We are not liable to cover any consequential losses.
  • Honda Shine insurance is not applicable on losses due to electrical or mechanical failure.
  • If your Honda bike sustains loss due to normal wear and tear, this policy won’t cover it.
  • Honda Shine insurance is not applicable if the burglar has stolen your bike's accessories and not your bike.
  • If the rider is found to be intoxicated at the time of the accident, the claim won’t be honoured.
  • Honda Shine bike insurance does not cover instances where the damage is only to Honda Shine tube and tyres and not to the bike.
  • Your insurance won’t cover any damages to the bike while being used in illegal or racing activities.

Benefits of buying an online policy for Honda Shine

So, you have received your quote and want to take our relationship to the next level. Consider our advice and purchase our policy online. Purchasing Honda Shine motor insurance online comes with many advantages.

Instant policy in a contactless manner.

Set yourself free from cumbersome paperwork.

Option to choose from multiple online payment options.

How to renew Honda Shine bike insurance plans?

With ICICI Lombard, your Honda Shine insurance renewal is just a few clicks away. Simply follow the below steps and get instant renewal of your two-wheeler policy.

  • 1
    Click here to visit our Honda Shine insurance renewal page.
  • 2
    Enter your Honda Shine registration number or your registered mobile number.
  • 3
    Click on ‘Proceed’
  • 4
    Go through your renewal details and make payment for your Honda Shine bike insurance online renewal.

Frequently asked questions about Honda Shine bike insurance

How to calculate IDV for my Honda Shine?

To calculate the IDV, take the market value of your bike and deduct the depreciation amount from it. You can also avail a quote from us online and check your Honda Shine's IDV.

Can I reduce the premium for my Honda Shine two-wheeler insurance with the help of deductibles?

While purchasing or renewing a Honda Shine insurance policy, if you have chosen a voluntary deductible, you can save some amount of money on your premium. However, you will have to bear that portion of the claim amount out of your pocket at the time of claim. We do not offer voluntary deductibles as it leads to poor customer experience.

Do Honda Shine bike insurance plans offer a discount?

If you are a responsible rider who has not made any claims in the previous policy year, we offer you a discount on your premium in the form of NCB rewards. The NCB percentage is based on the number of claim-free policy years and can go up to 50%.

How to reduce your Honda Shine insurance premium?

You can reduce your Honda Shine insurance premium by installing anti-theft devices, renewing your policy on time, retaining NCB, and choosing appropriate add-on covers.

How to make a claim for your Honda Shine two wheeler insurance policy?

For Honda shine insurance claim, all you have to do is call us on 1800 2666 and tell us about the incident. We will arrange for cashless claim settlement without you having to leave your house. Avail bike pick up & drop service to the nearest garage, and get the repaired bike delivered at your doorstep.

What are the documents required for Honda Shine two wheeler insurance claims?

You need to share a duly-filled claims form, your policy number, copy of your RC, original repair invoices (in case of reimbursement claim), and an FIR copy for theft cases.

What are the Add on covers in Honda Shine insurance?

Our popular bike insurance add-on covers for Honda Shine are Roadside Assistance and Zero Depreciation cover.

A single year insurance plan or a long-term insurance plan—what’s better in the case of Honda Shine insurance?

A long-term insurance plan is always preferable to a one-year policy. With long-term Honda Shine insurance, you won't have to worry about missing the renewal deadline. Furthermore, it can help you save a large amount of money on policy premiums as well as provide you with cancellation flexibility and a simple NCB transfer procedure.

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