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Dealer Name Address City State Contact No Contact Person Type of Vehicle Manufacturer Latitude Longitude Operations
Ahuja Auto Abhikaran A 1 Vishnupuri 70/1 70/2 71/3Pipalia Rao Near Bhanwarkuwaindore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826656000 / 7611115606 Pavneet Ahuja Car Mahindra     
Anand Cars Pvt Ltd 4/2/4 Pipliya Kumar Dewas Naka Indore Madhya Pradesh-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 8889599934 / 8889599934 Ravindra Parmar Car Audi     
Arpit Glass Emporium 27/3, New Palasianr. Hotel Apna Avenueindore -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826215351 / 9826215351 Amit Punwani Car Multi Car Garage     
Bhagawati Elite Motors Mahindera And Mahindra Show Rooma B Road Dewas Naka-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 6262001102 / 6262001109 Sanjeev Shrivastav Car Mahindra     
Bhagirath Motors India Pvt Ltd 223 Apollo Tower 2Nd Floor 2 M G Road-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9109154121 / 9109154121 Gulab Kotwani Car Mahindra     
Bombay Motors 10 Yeshwant Niwas Roadindore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452003 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9893887867 / 9893887867 Manaf Belgaum Wala Car Maruti     
Chhabra Autolink Pvt Ltd 10 Vishnupuri Colony A B Road Indore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9752493000 / 9752493000 Shakti Shridharan Car Chevrolet     
City Motor Works 43-43 A Mechenic Nagarbhamoriindore -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9755014480 / 9644811222 Shatanjay Agarwal Car Multi Car Garage     
Harsh Automobiles P. Ltd 180/2 Piplia Rao A B Road,Indore,-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7312530353 / 7312530353 Rajesh,Prasanna Car Hyundai     
Hriday Automobiles Pvt Ltd 2/E/E Sch No 54Mr 10 -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9109917201 / 9109917201 Hitesh Khanna Car Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd     
Infinity Cars Pvt Ltd 17, Mangal Compound Mr.11 , Dewas Naka-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9820025020 / 9820025020 Siddharth Sharma Car Bmw     
Jabalpur Motors Ltd Mechanic Nagar Ext Near Main Mandir Complex Indore Madhya Pradesh-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9669696736 / 9669696736 Kuldeep Pal Car Tata Motors     
Jabalpur Motors Ltd 263-1-1, A.B. Road,Bhamoriindore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9669696742 / 9669696742 Ajit Mishra Car Tata Motors     
Kasliwal Automotives Pvt. Ltd. H-17 Lasudia Mori Dewas Nakaindoreindore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452012 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826075106 / 9826075106 Customer Care Car Hyundai     
Kathed Motors Pvt Ltd 483/2/2 Dhar Road Indore Dhar Road Indore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9617777377 / 9617777377 Goutam Kathed Car Maruti     
Khalsa Auto Service 36, Kibe Compoundbehind Madhu Milan Cinema-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9425055788 / 9425055788 Inderjeet Singh Chhabra Car Maruti     
Knmv Motors Pvt Ltd 4/7/1,4/7/2 Lasudia Moria B Roaddewas Naka-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-453771 Indore Madhya Pradesh 6262606211 / 6262606211 Patrick Pereira Car Volvo India     
Krishu Motor Craft Pvt Ltd A B Road Humka Khedi Indore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9893478780 / 9893478780 Sandeep Wagh Car Hyundai     
Krishu Motors 27, Pu-3, Commercial Bhamoria B Road-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7312570797 / 7312570797 Na Car Tata Motors     
Land Mark Cars Pvt Ltd K. No. 15/1/17 & 15/1/18Gram Pipliya Kumar Mangal Compound Indore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9584044412 / 9684044496 Prateek Sharma Car Mercedes Benz     
Landmark Automobiles Pvt Ltd 4/7 Lasudia Mori Dewas Naka A B Road Indore Madhay Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7225060820 / 7225060820 Sudhir Gour Car Honda     
My Car (Indore) Pvt. Ltd No 78/1/3, Hukumkhedirajendra Nagar, Rau, Near Ips Academy-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9755095618 / 9755095599 Govind Bhogor Car Maruti     
Ocean Motors Pvt Ltd Khandwa Roadnear Queens College-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452017 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7389936400 / 7389936400 Ravi Nagar Car Maruti     
Pahwa Automotive Pahwa Business Parktalawali Chanda Dewas Naka A B Road Nr Miraj Show Room Indore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 8819811113 / 8819811113 Rohit Nandwal Car Mitsubishi     
Patel Motors Indore Private Limited 428 / 3 / 3, Niranjanpur, A.B Road, Indore M.P-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826360699 / 9826360699 Devendra Sule Car Maruti     
Patel Motors Indore Pvt Ltd 176 / 1, Pipliyarao .A.B Road Near Lagan Garden, Indore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9977703260 / 9977703260 Vishal Gupta Car Maruti     
Patel Motors Indore Pvt Ltd Mog Lines Vallabh Bhai Narayan Bhai Mog Lines Gangwal Bus Stand Indore Madhya Pradesh-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452002 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826673335 / 9826673335 Rajendra Pal Car Maruti     
Patel Motors Indore Pvt. Ltd 13/19 ,Pipliya Kumar Choursharing Road-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826642157 / 9826642155 Satyendra Mehta Car Maruti     
Patwa Automotive Pvt.Ltd. Lasudia Mori, Dewas Nakaab Road Opp Life Careindore-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9300142622 / 9300142622 Nanadram Car Mahindra     
Patwa City Automobiles Pvt Ltd 5/10/5/11 T T Nagar Piplya Kumarbehind Mittal Tol Kantaeast Ring Road-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452002 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9827089897 / 9827089897 Prateek Vijayvargiya Car Honda     
Prince Motor Craft 10 Hukma Khedihotel Ke Pass-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9713065534 / 9713065512 Rajendra Parihar Car Hyundai     
Rajpal Autolink Pvt Ltd Rajiv Gandhii Choraha Near Silver Oak Hotel Ke Passindore M Adhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7024249772 / 7024249772 Sunil Mishra Car Ford     
Rajpal Vehicles Pvt Ltd G 2 Shekhar Central 4 - 5 Manorama Ganj Indore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7773800746 / 7773800762 Yusuf Patel Car Renault     
Rana Motors Private Limited Khasra No 4/1/112-13 -14 Min Lasudia Mori Dewas Naka-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9109975516 / 9109975516 R L Verma Car Maruti     
Rukmani Motors Pvt Ltd 2-3 A B Roadnear Geeta Bhawan Square-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9753058252 / 9753058252 Govind Bhogore Car Maruti     
Sagar Automobiles Pvt. Ltd 8-13,Babji Nagar,Niranjanpur,Dewas Naka,-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826028021 / 9826028021 Gulab Kotwani Car Skoda     
Sanghi Brothers (Indore) Pvt Ltd 6,Manoramaganj,Ab Road,-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826026566 / 9826026566 Mishra / Naidu (Body Paints Dept) Car Tata Motors     
Satguru Motors 7/4 Lasudia Moridewas Naka -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452005 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9109155109 / 9109155109 Vijay Car Skoda     
Satguru Engitech Pvt Ltd 10 Vishnupuri A B Road Indore Madhya Pradesh-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9109155119 / 9109155119 Naveen Barua Car Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd     
Shield Auto Glass Ltd. 5,Sanghi Colony, Tirshul Apartmentsopp.Amaltas Hotel, A.B.Road-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 1800-102-6364 / 9818866364 Customer Care Car Multi Car Garage     
Shri Automobiles Indore Pvt Ltd 6 Manoramaganj A B Road Indore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 7970001248 / 7970001248 Govind Bhagor Car Toyota     
Shyam Automotive 04 Aditya Nagar A B Road Bhawerkua Indore Madhya Pradesh -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9644644222 / 9644644222 Swarnarekha Sharma Car Tata Motors     
Somya Vehicles Pvt Ltd 66/2 Pk 65 Lasudiya Morisk 1 Compound Dewas Naka -Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9111102121 / 9111102121 Sunil Mishra Car Mahindra     
Sunshine Cars Private Limited 1 Mahaveer Nagar, Airport Road, Indore M.P-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452005 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826207022 / 9826207022 Mahan Khanna Car Hyundai     
Super Automobiles Ltd Plot No 37,Pipliya Kumar Patel Motor Ke Samne,-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452010 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9826147054 / 9826147054 Sunil Chouhan Devendra Sule Car Chevrolet     
Vinayak Autolink Pvt Limited C- 4 Panchwati Colonytalawali Chanda-Indore-Madhya Pradesh-452001 Indore Madhya Pradesh 9926574500 / 9926574500 D L Patel Car Ford     

Cashless Garages in Indore for Quick Redressal of Issues

Little compares to the joy of navigating through the crowded streets of Indore on a two wheeler. Do not let the joy be cut down by any untoward incident. ICICI Lombard offers two wheeler insurance, which provides a basket of benefits such as flexible renewal, a network of 2500+ cashless garages, prompt settlement of claims to ensure that you can ride without any worries.

With network garages present in Indore, you can be assured of prompt services within the city. Don't worry if you are unable to access any of the network garages. We will also reimburse expenses incurred by you at other garages. Now you can visit the magnificent monuments, temples, and nature reserves, or enjoy gorging on mouth-watering delicacies at Sarafaa Bazaar, knowing that your two wheeler worries are taken care of.

While tourists are directed to buses and taxis, two wheelers are one of the most popular forms of travel in Indore. You can even find them on rent. A survey conducted in 2013 by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore found that Indore had the most number of registered two wheelers among six top cities in India.

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance

ICICI Lombard’s comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy comes with a wide range of benefits that include:


Cashless garages in Indore


Coverage for third party legal liability


Online policy renewal and claim tracking


Coverage for both rider and co-passenger


Flexible renewal periods of one, two, or three years


Personal accident cover of ₹2 lakhs


Added benefits for safe riding

Two Wheeler Insurance

Customer Reviews


Sagar Prasad

I had met with an accident while travelling on my scooter through Indore. Thankfully, I had opted for ICICI Lombard’s two wheeler insurance. They promptly directed my to a nearby network garage, where I could get all damages fixed at no cost. What’s more, I was also able to get accident cover for my wife, who was riding behind me at the time. Thank you ICICI Lombard


Lokesh Agarwal

While looking for options for two wheeler insurance, I came across ICICI Lombard’s policy. I can honestly say it is one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. With all the traffic in Indore, my two wheeler encountered an accident within the first year. But thanks to ICICI Lombard for taking care of all expenses and settling my claims quickly. I plan to renew the policy long term, and am glad they have an online option for the same.


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