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A Basket of Benefits from Our Cashless Garages

ICICI Lombard’s two wheeler insurance offers a basket of benefits – prompt and hassle-free claim settlement, flexible long-term policies and attractive add-on covers being some of them. Additionally, our reliable network of 2500+ garages across India helps you avail cashless services for your scooter or motorbike during your time of need.

Among the 2500+ network garages, 123 cashless garages in Mumbai are also included. Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is a bustling city, which stops for no one. It is the second most populated metro city in the country and is witness to a fast lifestyle and long daily commutes to work – in some cases, even about 100 km one way!

Mumbai’s lifeline is its local trains, which connect the major areas of the city. However, for those unfamiliar with this mode of travel, or who prefer to avoid the crowds and daily rush, there is good road connectivity. Two wheelers are a faster option on Mumbai roads, and economical too, owing to the traffic congestion. But ensure you have the necessary safety gear and insurance for your two wheeler or motorcycle.

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance

Safeguard your finances from any untoward incidents with our motorcycle insurance that offers:


Cashless Garage Services


Accident Cover for Self and Co-passenger


No Claim Bonus


Cover against Damages due to Terrorist Activity


Online Policy Renewal


Third Party Legal Liability Cover

Two Wheeler Insurance

Customer Reviews


Rahul Shukla

I was looking for a long term two wheeler insurance when a close friend of mine recommended ICICI Lombard to me. I recently had a minor accident and made a claim. The entire process, right from buying the policy to making a claim, was simple and hassle free.


Saurabh Mishra

Two months back I was riding from Lucknow to Sitapur, when my bike got punctured mid-way. Had it not been for the immediate roadside assistance offered by ICICI Lombard, I would have been stuck. Not only did they offer roadside assistance, but they also took the bike to their network garage where it was repaired free of cost. Thanks to ICICI Lombard!


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