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Dealer Name Address City State Contact No Contact Person Type of Vehicle Manufacturer Latitude Longitude Operations
Alankar Auto Sales And Service Pvt. Ltd Alankar Motors Complexboring Canal Road (E)Rajapur Pul Patna-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 9334415434 / 9334415434 Vivek Kumar Car Maruti     
Ananya Auto Agency Private Limited Shree Shankar Cold Storagenasriganj Digha-Patna-Bihar-800012 Patna Bihar 9334481646 / 9534440222 Sanjay Kumar Car Tata Motors     
Ashiana Automobiles (P) Ltd 23,Industrial Estate,Patliputra,-Patna-Bihar-800013 Patna Bihar 9835431727 / 9835431727 Alok Car Hyundai     
Ashiana Motors Pvt Ltd 408 Ashiana Tower Rajendra Path Exhibition Road Patna -Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 9234459111 / 9234457666 Sandeep Agarwal Car Volkswagen     
Autogenuine Projects Sales And Service Pvt Ltd B-1 B Alakhraj Apteast Boring Canal Road-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 7992377790 / 7992377790 Sujeet Kumar Car Renault     
Brijnandan Motors Pvt Ltd Basudeo Complexkumhrar -Patna-Bihar-800026 Patna Bihar 7257000301 / 9102411147 Javed Akhtar Car Honda     
Budha Motors Pvt Ltd Simili N H 30Didarganjpatna-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 9263639660 / 9263639660 M K Sinha Car Toyota     
City Auto Service 9/1 Patliputra Industrial Estatepatliputra-Patna-Bihar-800013 Patna Bihar 9334115999 / 9334115999 Jitendra Car Maruti     
Dhara Auto Llp C/O Rahul Kumar Bhumi Cars Pvt Ltd Saguna More Near Dav School Danapur Patna Bihar -Patna-Bihar-801503 Patna Bihar 9006803399 / 9262291977 Rahul Kumar Car Tata Motors     
Good Wrench Service Daudbighakankarbagh Main Rd.-Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 9852430301 / 9852430301 Shambhu Saran Car Maruti     
Guinea Motors Pvt Ltd Anand Viharwest Boring Canal Road-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 7903825738 / 7903825738 Sanjay Kr Singh Car Tata Motors     
Hav Motors Pvt Ltd Sudharma Opp A N Collageboring Road Patna Bihar-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 7061380034 / 7061380034 Sanjay Jha Car Mahindra     
Kanak Automobiles Pvt Ltd 66 D Sri Krishnapuri Boring Roadpatna-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 7808899001 / 7808899001 Ak Srivastava Car Hyundai     
Karlo Automobiles Ltd. Boring Road Crossingpatna-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 9835042932 / 9835042932 Ravi Kant Sinha Car Maruti     
Kiran Automobiles Pvt Ltd Khajekalan , Subji Mandi Patna City Patna-Patna-Bihar-800008 Patna Bihar 9263182107 / 9263182107 Shiv Shankar Mishra Car Mahindra/Mahindra     
Krrish Motors Pvt Ltd Nutan Towersmain Roadkankarbagh-Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 9031319549 / 9334123734 Satish Kumar Singh& Puyush Ranjan Car Hyundai     
Kumar Distributors Pvt Ltd Shillawart North ,S.K. Puriboring Road Patna-800013-Patna-Bihar-800013 Patna Bihar 7991197323 / 7991197323 Vikas Singh Car Honda     
Kumar Distributors Pvt.Ltd Silawart,North S.K.Puripataliputra Colony,-Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 9304815158 / 9304815158 Nivesh Car Tata Motors     
Lalz Automobiles Pvt Ltd Plot No 73 Near Sipra Overbridge Dasratha Anishabadpatna Bihar -Patna-Bihar-800072 Patna Bihar 7250051000 / 7250051000 Ram Nigah Singh Car Hyundai     
Mangalam Motors Consultency Services Digha Ashiana Ghordawi Roadnear B K Institute -Patna-Bihar-800011 Patna Bihar 8789460450 / 9199813049 Uday Prakash Car Multi Car Garage     
Maruti Maintainer Kankarbagh Roadpatna-Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 8434308495 / 8434308495 Pankaj Kumar Singh Car Maruti     
Pahadiya Commercial Ltd H/O Late Madanlal Jainkankarbagh Roadkankarbagh-Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 7632998786 / 7632998786 Vikas Kumar Car HONDA     
Pandey Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bhoot Nath Road Bahadur Purp. S. Agam Kuanpatna-Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 9334013802 / 9334013802 Rakesh Ojha Car Chevrolet     
Patna Motors Pvt Ltd Pandey Plazaexhibition Road-Patna-Bihar-800001 Patna Bihar 7360002223 / 9939199149 Raghav Pandey Car Renault     
Rathour Wahanchaya Motors Pvt Ltd Nandlal Chhapara Sampatchak Nandlalchhapapara Kachura Roadhotel Grand-Patna-Bihar-800016 Patna Bihar 9334788835 / 9334187500 Sarbjeet Rathour Car Multi Car Garage     
Reeshav Automobiles Pvt Ltd Nayatola Gopalpur Patna Bihar -Patna-Bihar-800020 Patna Bihar 7004941371 / 7004941371 Santosh Anand Car Maruti     
Sahyogi Automobiles Near Surya Mandirpatnapatna-Patna-Bihar-800002 Patna Bihar 9304834418 / 9304834418 Kapilesh Kumar Car Tata Motors     
Shivam Automobiles Rikabganj Opp Didarganj Police Station Patna City Bihar -Patna-Bihar-800008 Patna Bihar 9334379157 / 9334379157 Jitendra Kumar Car Hyundai     
Sisodiya Services Dasrath More Near Byepass Sipara Pul -Patna-Bihar-800002 Patna Bihar 6200939338 / 6200939338 Abhinandan Kumar Car Multi Car Garage     
Tirupati Auto Ashiana More,Bailey Roadpatna-Patna-Bihar-800014 Patna Bihar 9835692222 / 9835692222 Manoj Kumar Car Maruti     
Urja Automobiles Private Limited Birari Kunj,Makhania Kuan, Patna-Patna-Bihar-800004 Patna Bihar 9386254207 / 9386254207 Rajesh Verma Car Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd     
Vaus Automobiles U/O Aparna H And C P L Ashiana Digha Roadashiana Nagarpatna-Patna-Bihar-800025 Patna Bihar 9835045725 / 9835045725 Aniket Kumar Car Maruti     
Ashiana Fabicon Private Ltd Shop No-26&31,Ashiana Vihar Ground Floor,Rajendra Path Near Cda Building Patna,Patna,Bihar,800001 Patna Bihar 7488969870 / 7488969870 Neeraj Chaudhary Car Morris Garage     
Amar Jyoti Auto Private Limited Pandey Plaza,1St Floor Exhibition Road,Patna,Patna,Bihar,800001 Patna Bihar 8102922017 / 8102922017 Amar Nath Pandey Car Kia Motors     
Nutan Automotive Private Limited Mahavir Nagar Dashratha,Mithapur Patna Patna,Bihar,800001 Patna Bihar 9771498001 / 9771498001 Kunal Kishor Car Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd     
Reeshav Automobiles Pvt Ltd Makhdumpur Digha ,Patna Bihar Patna,Bihar,800012 Patna Bihar 9234673333 / 9234673333 Bhushan Kumar Car Maruti     

Cashless Garages in Patna to Ensure Smooth Rides

ICICI Lombard’s two wheeler insurance comes with a host of benefits and an extensive network of 2500+ cashless garages across the country. Since a third party liability cover is already mandatory by law, a two wheeler insurance is a smart choice. We offer comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans with flexible tenures and add-ons to cover the co-passenger and accessories.

One of India’s most powerful cities for a millennium, Patna is now a congested city with swaying traffic. The city sprawls along the south bank of the river Ganges and has several worthwhile sites. Once a den of the great Mauryan dynasty, it is now the second largest city in east India. The city also serves as the major administrative and educational centre in Bihar.

Patna was one of the first cities in India to employ horse-drawn trams for public transport. Today the locals rely on an extensive network of buses, auto rickshaws, and local trains for their daily commute. Auto rickshaws are the lifeline of the city and two wheelers are the preferred mode for most locals.

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance

Make your rides pleasurable in the congested capital of Bihar with ICICI Lombard’s comprehensive two wheeler insurance that offers:


Cashless Service across 2500+ Garages


Third party legal liability cover


Online policy renewal


24X7 customer support


Flexible tenure options


Cover against damages due to terrorist activities

Two Wheeler Insurance

Customer Reviews


Raju Yadav

My new two wheeler got damaged in the 2015 earthquake. It was my savings of almost a year. Thanks to ICICI Lombard’s two wheeler insurance that covered financial losses arising from natural disasters. The entire process of making the claim was simple and quick. I would recommend their services.


Nandini Mohan

I have a tight schedule and it’s difficult for me to take time out to renew my policy. I was looking for a long-term policy when my friend recommended me ICICI Lombard. I applied for the policy online and got the policy documents within a few hours. The process was simple and the staff was helpful.


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