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Corporate Social Responsibility

ICICI Lombard has always endeavoured to go beyond its business focus and contribute to the wellbeing of all stakeholders, including the community at large. The company has taken several initiatives in the areas of preventive healthcare, road safety and disaster support being a responsible corporate citizen

Corporate Social Responsibilities

ICICI Lombard recognises and embraces its commitment to various communities across India. Our initiatives in the areas of preventive healthcare, road safety and disaster support have fostered financial immunity in tragic times.

We constantly encourage and support employee voluntarism year-round. In this regard, we have successfully implemented several projects in coordination with the ICICI foundation in tribal districts of India. These programs demonstrate how our community stakeholders, not only contribute in achieving corporate goals but also encourage non-profit humanitarian work to bring a positive change in the society.

Caring Hands Campaign

The Company has been facilitating an employee volunteering program since 2011 under the aegis of ‘Caring Hands’. Employees take the lead in organizing eye check-up camps for under privileged children as part of this initiative. More than 110 camps were conducted and 3000+ employees volunteered for the activity. More than 35,000 students were screened during the camp and 6,500+ specs were distributed to the kids who were diagnosed with poor vision. Since 2011, the initiative has benefited over 3,50,000 children with more than 40,000 spectacles distributed.

Caring Hands - Impact Assessment Report FY2019-20

Caring Hands - Impact Assessment Report FY2020-21

Caring Hands - Impact Assessment Report FY2021-22

Ride to Safety

1. The Company has been organizing a unique program since FY2016 aimed at ensuring road safety for children riding two wheelers as pillion. As part of the exercise, children and their parents attend road safety workshops organized by the Company through its NGO partners. Post the workshop, the children and parents are provided with specially designed ISI marked helmets. During FY2023, over 1300 workshops were conducted across 12 cities. Over 1,50,000 parents and children were made aware of road safety habits and the need for children to wear helmet as pillion riders on two-wheelers. To facilitate a behavioural change, the Company distributed total of 1,29,000 specially designed ISI marked helmets to the children and their parents, thereby facilitating the use of protective gear by the entire family and helping improve utilization of helmets. The program was conducted in the locations of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Patna and Agartala. In addition to this, following activities were also conducted under Ride to Safety –

a. Awareness Rallies: The Company conducted awareness rallies in collaboration with the city traffic police in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Agartala, Patna and Ludhiana. During the program, awareness was created on the importance of wearing the helmets by bike riders, fastening of seat belts by the occupants of vehicles, avoiding manoeuvring the vehicle under the influence of alcohol etc.

b. Helmets to Police Personnel: We provided helmets to around 500 traffic police personnel in each of the cities where the program was conducted, in order to serve the purpose of ensuring road safety of the on-ground law enforcers.

c. Caution Signboards and Reflective Stickers: The Company also installed Speed Limit Caution signboards covering a distance of approx. 140 km in Orissa. The activity was conducted along with Traffic Police Department of Orissa and National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI). Further, the Company distributed reflective stickers to Commercial Vehicles and Tractors across multiple locations. This exercise was aimed at reducing night accidents on roads causing danger to the life of citizens.

Ride To Safety - Impact Assessment Report FY2019-20

Ride To Safety - Impact Assessment Report FY2020-21

Ride To Safety - Impact Assessment Report FY2021-22


In FY2017, the Company introduced a pilot project to spread the importance of drinking clean water among underprivileged children. Further, the Company installed water purifiers in schools to ensure access to clean drinking water for the children. In FY2023, the Company expanded the initiative by conducting virtual sessions in more than 1850 schools across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Agartala and Patna. The Company also installed 1850 water purifiers in these schools, to enable students to get access to clean drinking water. As on date, the Company has installed 2600+ water purifiers, thereby benefiting over 3,00,000+ children.

Niranjali - Impact Assessment Report FY2020-21

Niranjali - Impact Assessment Report FY2021-22

*The information has been taken from Ministry of Road Transport & Highway. CSR Project 2016

CSR Project 2016

CSR Policy

Solar Panel Installation:

In FY2021, the Company introduced a Sustainability initiative to drive sustainability agenda and climate change awareness. The initiative also helped in reducing carbon footprint. In FY2023, the Company under its Sustainable initiatives installed Solar Panels in 95 underprivileged schools in Mumbai, Patna and Agartala. This will help the schools to fight the power cuts efficiently with lower electricity bills and minimal maintenance charges, thereby being eco-friendlier and sustainable.

Healthy Villages In FY2021, the company initiated Healthy Villages program to strengthen the PHCs by providing medical equipmets to 10 PHC in MP and UP. In FY2022, the program was expanded to 12 PHCs. In FY2023, the Company conducted over 100 wellness camps in order to strengthen its efforts in existing PHCs where medical instruments were given in the past. In FY2023, more than 20,000+ people were benefitted through the camps, which were conducted across 12 PHCs of MP and UP.

Medical Camps:Medical camps in various location were conducted in FY2023. The camps were majorly focussed on General check-up and ENT check-ups. Total 100 camps have been conducted in FY23.

Support for Road Accident Victims: The Company provided 94 wheelchairs and 250 tricycles to citizens who needed post a road accident. The same was done with the help of NGO partners.

Contribution towards Social Causes: We also contributed towards various social causes in order to support those in need through NGOs.