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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibilities

ICICI Lombard has always endeavoured to go beyond its business focus and contribute to the well being of all stakeholders, including the community at large. The company has taken several initiatives in the areas of preventive healthcare, road safety and disaster support being a responsible corporate citizen

Corporate Social Responsibility

ICICI Lombard recognises and embraces its commitment to various communities across India. Our initiatives in the areas of preventive healthcare, road safety and disaster support have fostered financial immunity in tragic times.

We constantly encourage and support employee voluntarism year-round. In this regard, we have successfully implemented several projects in coordination with the ICICI foundation in tribal districts of India. These programs demonstrate how our community stakeholders, not only contribute in achieving corporate goals but also encourage non-profit humanitarian work to bring a positive change in the society.

Caring Hands Campaign

Caring Hands Campaign is an initiative launched by ICICI Lombard that aims at providing preventive healthcare services to underprivileged children, while engaging our employees as volunteers for projects that are cherished by them. In the five years since its inception in 2011, the campaign, with support of hundreds of volunteers has been a catalyst in affecting the lives of 1,00,000 children in more than 300 schools in over 100 locations across the country.

Agroup of 2500 employees volunteered for an activity that focused on children in the age group of 5-7 years, which as validated by external research had a significant percentage of children suffering from poor vision. Our volunteers identified 4230 cases of poor vision caused due to delayed diagnosis and parental ignorance, and provided these children with corrective lenses.

Although the activity demands high-end equipment and ophthalmologists, the employees successfully conduct eye check-up camps every year on 11 December, which is now earmarked as the “Caring Hands Day” at ICICI Lombard. Approximately 50 percent of employees volunteer for this activity every year which is a reflection of overall support that the initiative has garnered within the company.

The campaign has grown tremendously over the years and has been instrumental in building a sense of social responsibility and camaraderie among the employees.

Ride to Safety

Ride to Safety campaign is a nationwide initiative launched by ICICI Lombard to generate awareness on road safety in India. In a country where a life is lost every 4 minutes in a road accident, inculcating sensible road behaviour in the youth is necessary to make them responsible citizens.

To address the issue of road safety at the formative ages, workshops were initiated by our employees who were engaged as volunteers. The workshops targeted on imparting appropriate road safety values to school children at an early age that will inculcate safe road practices throughout their lives. Child-specific helmets to children riding two wheelers were also given to encourage them to follow appropriate safety measures. The response of children was heartening and their attitude encouraged us to conduct such workshops frequently.

More than 100 workshops have been conducted in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi since September 2015 that touched the lives of over 15000 children and their parents. ISI-marked specially designed helmets were also given to 9000 children post the workshops.Additionally, road safety training facilities have been imparted to over 20,000 truck drivers as part of the initiative.

The campaign has witnessed a tremendous support both from employees and people who participated in various workshops. We look forward to follow our social responsibility and build a sustainable community that adopts appropriate road safety techniques.

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