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Car Insurance Information

3 Problems only Indian motorists can understand

November 03 2015

Indian motorists are nothing short of daredevils. In the west, there are riders who dedicate themselves live by the road and die by it.

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8 Reasons to Buy a Car this Festive Season

October 28 2015

Rarely does a form of transport symbolize so much as a car does. Car - a wheeled conveyance, car - a symbol of success to be seen in and shared in equal measure.

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Choosing Motor Insurance

October 25 2015

Choosing motor insurance can be an easy task or a cumbersome one based on your requirements.

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Car Insurance Premium

October 14 2015

Car Insurance Premium is the amount paid by an insurance buyer to the insurance provider to avail a motor insurance policy.

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5 Things to do if Your Car Insurance Expires

October 05 2015

Forgot to Renew your Motor Insurance Policy? Know what to do.

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5 Must-have Car Safety Accessories

October 05 2015

An informative guide to ensure you invest in the right safety gear for maximum protection.

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A Hands-on Guide for the Novice

September 02 2015

Apart from offering competitive pricing, pragmatic add-ons and superb customer service, motor insurance companies have, over the years, focused on expanding their garage network.

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What Does A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan Cover

August 18 2015

A car is an important asset and thus it is viable to protect it with insurance.

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5 Tips to Manage Car Insurance Premium

August 06 2015

Are you paying the right price on your car insurance?

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Insured Declared Value - Simplified

August 04 2015

The world of insurance is full of jargons that can be intriguing and intimidating.

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