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Car Insurance Information

Did You Know About The Different Types Of Car Insurance Covers?

April 15 2015

Learn about the various types of covers available

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5 Tips to Keep Your Car Tires in Great Condition

March 10 2015

Manufacturing technology for tires has progressed through the years by leaps and bounds.

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Guide to Buying a Secondhand Car

February 23 2015

First-time car buyers or those with budget constraints often prefer pre-owned or used vehicles. They are the quickest, easiest and cheapest alternative to your ideal car.

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5 Tips to Maintain Your Car

January 21 2015

A car, these days, is an eclectic mix of comfort, ease, status-symbol and a "white elephant." Which of the mentioned factors is more applicable to someone will vary from person to person.

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5 Factors That Decide Car Insurance Premium (with Premium Calculator)

January 15 2015

Are you perplexed at your car insurance premium calculation?

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Buy your policy from well-known car insurance companies and enjoy optimal coverage

January 21 2013

Driving a car without minimum insurance coverage is a serious offence as per the Motor Vehicles Act, thus buying car insurance is of prime importance.

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