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6 useful health apps for your android and iOS device

October 28 2014

Work pressure, erratic timings, responsibilities, commitments, lack of facilities and several other innovative obligations often force you to stay away from exercising and caring for your health. However, while it is easy to cook up excuses, it is also easy to stay in control. Download these 6 useful health apps for your Android and iOS device and put health back where it belongs.


7-min Full Workout :

If &"I don't have time to work out" is your top excuse for skipping exercising, this is the app you need. Designed to help you pack wholesome circuit training (exercises performed in rapid succession) in just 7 minutes, this full workout (12 exercises) app has a timer and a log. Based on your fitness level and time availability, you can customize the app to create strenuous exercise routines.

7-min Full Workout

Drugs.Com :

Be informed about the drugs you consume. Be it over the counter or prescribed medicines, this app helps you locate reliable information like their usage, ingredients, side effects and potency. Get accurate drug information at your fingertips. This app also lets you create a drug list to keep check of your doses.

Garmin Fit

Garmin Fit :

Do you love to run or cycle? Use this app as your personal trainer and get all the analysis and insights you need. Keep track of the details of your long runs, speeds achieved, elevation gained, distance covered, calories burnt and more. Your progress is stored so that you can analyze and improvise for making lifestyle-based changes. It also features soundtracks that pep up your fitness time too.

Kids Doc

Kids Doc :

Don't you feel helpless when you baby cries and you've exhausted all your grandma's tried and tested remedies? How would you like if you could simply select the symptoms and an app would help you narrow down the causes and suggest possible remedies? Well, the KidsDoc app does just that. From an insect bite, to a bruise, and from allergies, to a blocked nose, this app runs on a database of 99 symptoms and the underlying medical advice comes to you from pediatricians and nurse call centers.

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy :

The number of those suffering with diabetes is steadily increasing. There is nothing to fear if one knows how to control it instead of wallowing in self-pity. This app will let you monitor blood sugar levels at proper intervals. It also stores all the data you need like your glucose levels, carbohydrates, insulin dosages and even keep track your blood pressure regularly. Notifications help you to remember to log in these details effectively.

Use this app in tandem with Fooducate the app that lets you keep your diabetes in check by identifying foods that are sugar and fat-free. You can also scan barcodes on packaged foods and learn about their ingredients.

Pocket First Aid CPR

Pocket First Aid CPR :

This useful app features an easy to use emergency guide to procedures like CPR, common injuries and environmental emergencies. It also provides instructions for using an AED (Automated External Defibrillators).

Keep exploring and keep experimenting with newer apps. Whatever be your requirement, there is an app for you!

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