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6 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Festive Season

October 01 2015

Festivals are a time to spread cheer. However, it is also a time when we feel stressed between gift buying, sweet making and trying to stay healthy. With so much going on, our body usually succumbs to the pressure and anxiety raising various health concerns. Hence, it is important to take care of our mental and physical health as well as our self-confidence and general state of mind. Awareness and prudence can go a long way in making sure we don't throw away all the hard work we put in throughout the year to stay in shape physically and mentally.

Here are six little ways we can take care of ourselves during the festive season:

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1. Avoid alcohol binges

Including alcohol during festivities might be thrilling but binge drinking may cause potential health hazards as it affects our ability to make judgments and exposes us to the risk of accidents and assaults. So be mindful to never drive under influence and always eat well before you drink. In addition, stay hydrated with water and substitute soda with soft drinks to decrease the rate of intoxication. Also, ensure you don't accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink unattended.

2. Eat mindfully

The sight of delicious food during festivals can contribute to mindless snacking on sugary, fat-laden sweets. This can often put a huge strain on our digestive system and liver. Sweets could be adulterated containing silver metal coatings, chemical preservatives and other non-food additives. Add to that genetic disposition of lifestyle diseases and your health becomes vulnerable to various diseases. The best way to combat those ravenous cravings is by snacking on something healthy before you head for the festivities, eating small portions and staying hydrated.

3. Watch that stress

Festivities call for excessive socializing and can get quite overwhelming. From entertaining family and friends to shopping, cooking and gifting, a number of societal pressures are inflicted upon us resulting in increased stress levels. This can play havoc with our blood sugar levels, so it is wise to plan, stay organized, eat beforehand and focus on the pleasure and delight that festivities bring.

4. Firecrackers cause health hazards

Bursting crackers are characteristic of most festivals and act as a symbol of celebration. But along with noise pollution, crackers emit toxic and hazardous chemicals into the air that cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory disorders. Hence, they should be used responsibly by avoiding crowded areas and areas with children.

5. Keep a first aid kit handy

Having a well-stocked medicine cabinet will prove handy in case of an emergency during festivals to treat minor injuries. It is also wise to keep your doctor, health insurance  or a nearby hospital on speed dial in case of life threatening medical situations.

6. Fight depression

The festive season may not necessarily be joyous for everyone. Sometimes memories, long holidays and loneliness may trigger anxiety, stress or depression. It is best to keep yourself active and invest in creating wonderful memories or reach out for help to minimize the impact of those magnified negative thoughts.

Since festivities make up for the most part of the year, staying positive and enjoying every moment can go a long way in ensuring you remain healthy in mind, body and soul.

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