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Benefits of Getting A Good Sleep

March 26 2018
Benefits of Getting A Good Sleep

Allowing yourself enough sleep is not an option, it is a necessity

Getting a good sleep every night is vital for your physical and emotional health. Allowing yourself to have proper rest after a hard day’s work rejuvenates your body and enhances your immune system.

Sleep has innumerable benefits and it is essential to sustaining life itself, as most of the repairing your body undergoes is during sleep. Here are five benefits of sleep that may motivate you to get that much-needed full eight hours of rest, in case you neglect your daily quota of complete rest.

Improved Memory

When our body is tired, our brain cannot recall information properly. A lack of sleep affects our memory as our body produces excessive amounts of stress hormones. Elevated stress hormones could adversely affect the vital functions of our body and affect our quality of life.

Regular and deep sleep improves memory by regenerating neurons and improving long term memory formation by organizing the information the brain received throughout the day. Sleep is also known to improve attention span, make a person sharper and improve focus, thus improving overall productivity.

Improved Immune System

Proper sleep improves the immune system and reduces the chances of serious diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and cardiac issues. Restful sleep induces a state of complete relaxation, which in turn encourages a regulated blood flow throughout the body, thus reducing the chances of risks related to the cardiovascular system. Healthy sleeping habits also lowers the chances of diabetes by regulating body weight.

Emotional Well-Being

Not getting enough sleep can make us feel agitated, irritable and grumpy. A constant state of negative emotions may further lead to depression which can wreck havoc in our personal and professional lives. Enough sleep allows us to be in better control of our emotions, stay calm and reasonable throughout the day no matter what situation we face.

Reduction of Pain

Studies show a direct correlation between getting enough sleep and a higher pain threshold. Loss of sleep has been similarly linked to an increase in pain in the areas of the body that are injured or affected somehow. Getting enough sleep in fact helps better deal with existing pain and heals affected areas at a faster rate.

Increasing Life-Span

Numerous studies have shown that maintaining an average amount of sleep per night prolongs life. Studies have also proven that too much or too little sleep lowers the chances of living a long life by increasing the risks of various serious diseases. Sleeping deeper and better improves a person’s quality of life, thus affecting all aspects of one’s life positively.

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