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Borderless Travel in Schengen Countries at Risk

September 14 2015
Borderless Travel in Schengen Countries at Risk

Borderless Travel in Schengen Countries at Risk

With the increasing number of refugees and migrants struggling to enter Europe, the admired borderless travel system of Schengen countries might receive a temporary setback. German Chancellor, Angela Markel, in a premonitory statement expressed concern over the grave situation and demanded quick action by European Zone regarding Common Asylum policy.

Schengen area (named after a border town in Luxembourg country), created in 1995, was aimed for eliminating passport control across 22 European Countries (EU) countries and 4 non-EU countries to broaden the tourism market size. Owing to harsh conditions in Syria, Afghanistan and Africa, EU is suffering the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Due to the lack of Common Asylum policy in EU zone, different countries are adopting different ways to tackle the same problem. Hungary has sealed its main railway station in Budapest and Italy is ready to impose border controls. This has given rise to refugees moving to the country that offers them favorable terms. Germany is poised to deal 8,00,000 asylum requests this year.

This chaotic situation has led to confusion regarding migratory rules for Schengen region. "If Europe does not take steps as a whole, the current situation is worrying for free movement at the heart of the EU," said Matthieu Tardis, a migration expert based in Paris.

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