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Dial a Doctor is Getting Popular!

May 16 2012

As per a recent survey about people's knowledge on kissing or holding hands causing pregnancy, a surprising 41 percent of girls in countryside Karnataka and 57 percent in metropolitan Karnataka said "yes" while some also said "no". It was this type of evidence that drew attention of Nandu Madhava to the lack of basic healthcare info not just in countryside, but, more astoundingly, in portions of urban India too.

Madhava, a translator for doctors during his Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic job said that huge numbers of deaths from easily avoidable sicknesses happen because of this lack of knowledge. He also said that all the medicos I met said good people in the developing markets suffer intensely because of this.

Madhava said that people are literally unaware of things as vital as being immunized for polio or hepatitis. You don't have to reinvent the vaccine; you just have to get the information to people. Discovering himself and fully attracted to the idea of opening his own informally cognisant initiative, Madhava started to investigation public health problems soon after he moved back to India and discovered some of the surprising results.

Challenges in India were much greater as compared to Latin America as per the statement made by Madhava. He said that as per World Health Organization figures; the trouble seriously lies at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid. He almost realised that enhancing access to precise and applicable info is the simplest way to make a significant change.

According to Madhava, the government also requires having greater reach in its healthcare efforts. Conversely, in the United States, health is almost a trillion dollar industry. The best part is that there are still many prominent things that require being done. He also said that it is not as easy as a day's efforts and the government must look better health problems.

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