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Effective Home-based Workout Methods

April 15 2015
Stay fit without going to the gym, read on to know how

Going by the current lifestyle, it is difficult for people to take time out of their busy schedule to go to the gym and exercise. Thus, listed below are effective home-based workout methods written according to body parts, to stay healthy and fit.



Go the traditional way with push-ups. There is nothing like a down to earth chest press to pump you up. This age-old exercising method was used by professional wrestlers to bulk up their pectoral muscles. Even today, bodybuilders use this as a warm-up exercise before taking on those huge plate-loaded barbells.



Working out your triceps can be done in conjunction with your chest workout as they both belong to the push-exercise set. A slight modification in your hand placement while performing the push-ups can bring the triceps into play. You can keep your hands closer to each other while performing push-ups to work out your triceps.

Another method to exercise your triceps is to stand opposite a 2-3 feet high table/ chair with your back towards it. Place your palms on the table, extend your legs, bend your knees and let your body down. Let it go downward for a foot or two and then push it up with the help of the force exerted by your palms powered by your triceps.



Legs comprise of the largest muscle of your body. Those looking to shed weight must target this muscle group extensively. Since our lower body has large muscle groups, by regular exercising they utilize more calories and help in burning fat. Squats and Lunges are two exercises that work like the Tendulkar-Sehwag partnership. Perform three sets comprising of 20 repetitions each for toned legs.

Ditching the lift and opting for stairs wherever and as many times as possible is a sure shot way of toning your calves, quadriceps and glutes. If you want to take your legs workout to another level, try an early morning vertical jog by running up and down your building's staircase. This also helps to strengthen cardiovascular muscles. Using a skipping rope is also suggested if you like that activity.



Unlike the chest muscles and triceps, biceps are pull-muscles thus pushing the body against gravity won't exercise this muscle like it did the chest and triceps. Thus, you will need some kind of weights to activate this muscle group while performing basic biceps exercise. Purchasing dumbbells with a minimum poundage can prove to be a wise move. One can also work out back muscles using those dumbbells, as they also are a part of the pull-exercises club.

Shoulders and Back


To workout these muscles you can use a thera-band. It is economically priced and can be used to perform a host of exercises. Free exercises like lateral and front raises should help tone the shoulders. Back muscles can be targeted by performing rowing exercises with the help of the thera-band.



Do not let the six-pack abs phenomenon overpower your thought to exercise. Exercising your abs is primarily an action directed towards working out your core muscles and lending a balance to your body. A balanced and a strong core can help other muscles perform in synergy. Ab crunches, bicycle crunch and plank are the best exercises to strengthen your core.

One must perform these exercises with the right posture, form and intensity. Consulting a fitness trainer before starting this regime to get your exercise posture right is a foolproof way of avoiding injuries and staying fit. Use these effective home-based workout methods to exercise at least thrice a week. These in conjunction with a healthy diet and yoga can help you achieve better fitness.

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