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Insurance Article

Expert Tips on Jogging and Running

April 15 2015

Learn how to jog like a pro

Like every other exercise regime, jogging and running also take time to yield benefits and one needs to take precautionary measures to ensure a injury-free routine. Listed below are expert tips on jogging and running to ensure that you make the most of your efforts.


Watch it!

Remember you are not a showstopper at a fashion show and do not need to spend hours deciding what to wear before a run. Wearing comfortable and breathable clothing is suggested. Do not go for unnecessary accessories that restrict your motion. Even carrying a water bottle can be avoided if your jog or run is scheduled to end within 30 minutes.

If music is your fuel, then you can tag along your handset but avoid calls, clicking selfies and networking in the time allotted for a run. A stopwatch or a GPS enabled watch can be useful.


Happy feet

Shoes are by far the only substantial expense involved in jogging and running. Just like you do not climb mountains wearing ballet shoes and dance sporting a Woodland, running also demands specific footwear.

Visit a specialized running store, speak to the expert, try out various running shoes, zero-in on the one that fits your foot-type and mileage expectations. Ensure that the selected pair is lightweight, has a comfortable fit, and adequate cushioning based on whether you plan to run on a treadmill or on hard outdoor surfaces.



You do not want your muscles to be stiff while you start your run. Warming up your body by performing mild stretches and few leg-specific exercises like free squats and lunges will loosen up the muscles. Also choosing an uneven and extremely hard surface for your run can take a toll on your knee joints. Thus, opt for a track that is not too hard and has an even surface.


Mind your posture

Form and posture will define your efficiency and longevity. If you run with a bad sloppy posture, running and jogging is not going to yield desired results. To ensure an injury-free jogging and running regime, one must consciously try to perfect the form and posture.

Landing correctly is an important aspect of running. Try to land on your mid-foot. Maintain an upright posture with elbows positioned at a 90-degree angle. Do not look down unless you notice your in-laws, your ex or someone whom you owe money, maintain the chin up look at all times.


Step by step

Like every muscle in our body, your cardiovascular strength will also increase only if you gradually increase the intensity of your jogging and running. Opt for an inclined path, climb stairs, enhance the duration or speed of your run to increase the intensity of this workout. Change only one variable at a time.

People tend to start jogging and running with great vigor however, go back to their lazy self after a few dismal attempts. Stay motivated and try to jog or run three times a week. Having a jogging partner can do a world of good. Ultimately, focus on the reason why you are jogging or running and never give up.

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