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Heart Attacks Cause a Third of the Annual Deaths in Mumbai

July 24 2015

On an average, 80 Mumbaikars have died due to heart diseases on a daily basis in 2014-2015. Official records show that heart attacks cause a third of the annual deaths in Mumbai. Concerns over the unexpected fatality of heart diseases have increased after a fit 43-year-old marathoner lost his life to heart attack just meters away from the finish line.

Past cases and expert analysis have shown that in majority of the cases patients neither show any symptoms nor have any previous history of heart disease. According to a doctor who specializes in preventing cardiac emergencies, the most common cause of these deaths is an undiagnosed heart disease. Leading doctors in the cardiac field say that plaque, which is essentially fat or cholesterol lodged in the heart’s artery, can cause a heart attack anytime, anywhere.

Research organizations like the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE) are making steady progress in the field of cardiac prevention. They are working on tests that can diagnose early onset of arterial ageing, the root cause of heart attacks. For athletes and general population who believe they are in sound health, it is recommended to undergo regular screening in order to prevent unanticipated emergencies.

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