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Insurance Article

Hindu Business Line ICICI Lombard TVC Add

March 20 2014

Sensitively handled

Insurance is a tricky business. On one hand many believe 'it can't happen to me' and studiously ignore the need to insure. On the other, many people scoff at the service orientation claims of all insurance companies with the skeptical opinion that they all sell aggressively but are curiously unavailable when a claim is filed.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance has, therefore, created a TVC that literally walks the talk. The ad shows a young man religiously taking a little girl for her practice sessions and staying the course as she grows up and then is shown playing in a badminton tournament. The man, who has obviously aged by now, is the nervous spectator who witnesses the triumph of the young lady in the tournament. I must say, till this stage I thought it was all about single parent commitment and made a mental note to tell my friend Dr AL Sharada of Laadli that there is yet another ad which is very gender-sensitive.

In a pleasant twist, the story proceeds to show the gentleman speaking with a picture of his now deceased brother and sister-in-law, telling them he had fulfilled the promise he had made to them. And the young lady too joyfully proclaims to her uncle that they had won together. The ad ends with the most important statistic that ICICI Lombard had settled some ` 48 lakh claims in the past year itself. I will not be cynical and inquire as to how many claims it received and what percentage of those were settled. I take the point it is addressing, the single most important point on the minds of prospective insurers. This ad will go a long way in positioning them favorably the next time someone tries selling general insurance. The emotional connect is also very well depicted with good performances and tight editing. Let me also say that it is still a rather gender-sensitive ad.

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