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How Marathon Running Inspired These People to #DoTheDifficult?

January 02 2017
Marathon Running inspired People

Get inspired by the stories of people who took up running for various reasons and triumphed

“Running made me feel like a bird let out of a cage, I loved it that much.” – Priscilla Welch.

It is hard to get up at 4 am, leave the comfort of your bed, put on running shoes and run. But that is exactly what runners do. Here are some stories that will also make you think about putting your running shoes on.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Marie Duffoo suffered a minor heart attack. She was a 40-year old woman who never ate junk food, ate lean meat and lots of vegetables. She was not the type that comes to mind when visualising a heart patient. Her doctor said that her inactive lifestyle was to blame for it. This was the reason she put on her jogging shoes. After adopting an active lifestyle, Marie’s doctor was shocked with the progress in her condition.

Inspired By Dad

Matt Fitzgerald was just 14-year old when his dad participated in the Boston Marathon on a drizzly Monday morning. He, along with his brothers waited at the final stop just before the finish line to cheer for their dad. He finally came, and as planned, these brothers split from the crowd and ran alongside their dad till the finish line. Matt loved the ambiance and the cheer of the crowd so much that he decided to become a runner. Life came full circle for him 27 years later, when he completed the Boston Marathon himself.

All for Weight Loss

Weight gain is an issue that most people are struggling with. While many people tend to complain and end up doing nothing, there are some like Jill Barville who choose to take it as a challenge. Jill took up running during early morning hours, which was very hard at first considering that she was not a morning person. But she was adamant on achieving her goal and worked towards it. Finally, after a year and a half she was successful in losing 30 kg and is now feeling more energetic and livelier than ever before.

Running Away from Heart Disease

Heart disease ran in the family of Beth Hering. A mother of two, she was deeply concerned about it and wanted to avoid any possibility of a stroke happening to her. So, she decided to start running in order to get those coronary muscles pumping. Her husband was delighted on hearing this and even signed up to accompany her. After several months, what started as a solo initiative has developed into a fun, family affair with their three-year-old son Zachary also becoming a part of the squad.

Introduced By Force, But Loving It

Diane Stark was in high school and more inclined towards academics than athletics. She had never entered into any sports event whatsoever. Unfortunately for her, to complete high school graduation, physical education course required students to run a mile at the very least. This was a terrifying prospect for Diane, what with only two weeks given for preparation.

During the first week of practice, she could only run for half-a-mile and ended up exhausting herself with frenetic breathing. The one-mile barrier was breached only on the last day of practice, and Diane, was understandably thrilled. She finished the course the next day and graduated with flying colours. She became so enamoured by the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that running gave her, that she decided to continue and runs even today.

These people had to face several problems in achieving their goals: time, discipline, health etc., but they overcame the odds with their determination and dedication. You too can take up an active lifestyle and reap its benefits. Better still, health insurance plan that urges and motivates you to take the path of fitness and rewards you while doing so.

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