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Insurance Article

How To Avoid Losing Health Insurance Cover Due To Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

February 12 2018
Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Complete disclosure of all your pre-existing medical conditions will ensure that your health insurance claim is not rejected

There are several advantages to buying a health insurance policy. A good health scheme will not only save your taxes but also provide adequate health cover to pay for your hospital stay, provide convalescence benefits, help you safeguard your finances and provide cover for critical and life-threatening health conditions.

However, when you want to make a claim to avail cover from your health plan, make sure you’ve disclosed your pre-existing medical conditions to your insurance company at the time of purchasing the policy. Non-disclosure will inevitably lead to the rejection of your insurance claim.

What Is A Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

If you suffer from a health condition that is within your knowledge while you invest in a health insurance policy, such an illness is termed a pre-existing medical condition. It may include serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes, to comparatively less severe conditions such as blood pressure issues or asthma.

Disclosing your pre-existing medical conditions is mandatory while obtaining a health insurance policy. Insurance policies are based on the underlying assumption of trust, and not disclosing any illness that you’re suffering from is viewed as a breach of trust, leading to rejection of claim.

Why You Should Disclose Your Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Non-disclosure of any pre-existing medical condition can get your insurance claim rejected by your insurance company. Often, it is a tempting idea to keep certain health conditions under wraps out of fear that we may be prevented from obtaining health insurance.

At other times, we may entirely forget to disclose certain conditions. However, it is always wise to attempt a full disclosure when you obtain your plan as the insurance contract is primarily based on the element of trust.

Your Insurer Can Cover You For Your Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Many of us suffer from the illusion that we might not receive a medical cover if we suffer from certain illnesses. Contrary to this myth, it is often the case that your insurer is ready to provide you with a good insurance plan covering all your health complications.

So there is no need to be under the impression that your pre-existing condition is a disadvantage to you, but make sure you do not sabotage your own chances of making a successful claim by hiding your condition from your insurance company.

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