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How to battle depression : 2

October 28 2014

Human emotions are intricately linked to the events that are occurring around. It is natural for us to feel sad when things aren't going our way. But this sadness can easily turn to joy when favourable events occur. Sometimes, a painful event has such an impact on the human brain that it goes into a shell, covering itself with feelings of prolonged sadness and excessive guilt. Such a condition is called "depression." In an earlier article, we discussed ways in which one can fight depression. Let us see some more ways:

Distract Yourself: Panic attacks are common during a depressive state of mind. Understand when a panic attack hits you. Try to distract yourself by doing something, walking, or simply jumping up and down and concentrating on the physical effort. Once the phase has passed, calm yourself down by some deep breathing. Don't sit there. Do some activity. Go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Take a bath. This has a calming effect on the brain.

Don't Blame Yourself: When depression hits a person, he/she finds it difficult to perform even the basic chores. This can exacerbate into a feeling of blame for oneself. Don't blame yourself for your depression. It is a mental condition affecting probably everyone during some or the other time in their lives. So you are not unique to the "Depression Club."

Calm Your Senses Through Meditation and Spirituality: Turning your focus and energies towards spirituality can be a much needed mental boost. Meditation is an excellent way to calm the senses and bring peace to your troubled mind. If you thought that meditation is performed only by ardent yogis, think again. You only need 15 minutes to half an hour everyday to practise it. If you are a religious person, visit your place of worship more often. These are the most peaceful places and have a vibrant energy around them which is contagious.

Step Outdoors: Try to spend as much time outside the house as possible. A depressed person can easily tend to become a reclusive house-worm and this compounds the problem. Scientifically, too, staying outsides in the sun makes sense, because of elevated Vitamin D levels in the body due to exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is an excellent "feel-good" vitamin.

Laugh Out Loud: Watching funny movies and TV shows is also an excellent way to create a joyous state of mind. Laughing helps release hormones that soothe your brain and make you feel at peace with yourself.

Experience Sound Therapy: Try alternative therapies to achieve mental peace. Sound therapy is simple and very effective. There are innumerable ways to practice it. One way is the Tibetan sound therapy. You can buy a bowl and mallet from a Tibetan store (or even online). The mallet when rubbed on the rim creates soothing sound waves. These in conjunction with the chanting of certain mantras help relax the mind.

Finally, the will to come out of the depressive state of mind is a huge motivator. This will itself guides one to help oneself achieve freedom from depression. There's always the option of seeking medical help and taking medications to aid other efforts. Life is too short to wallow on guilt, blame and sadness. There are greater things to accomplish. Fly on.

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