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India's Groundwater Contains Poison!

May 07 2012

Depletion of groundwater in India and its growing pollution are known to be a serious health threat for citizens. The problem might lead to a quiet public health crisis all across the nation mainly because most of the aquifers in expanses around India have been termed as unfit for drinking. The report was out in public soon after the government of India shared its alarming figures and concern about drinking water.

According to a data submitted in Parliament by the ministry of water resources ministry recently has proved that groundwater in receptacles of 158 out of the 639 districts in the country has turned saline. The report has also stated that in receptacles across 267 districts in India, the groundwater consists of fluoride in excess. Nitrates beyond acceptable levels are found in about 385 districts. Shockingly, 53 districts contain arsenic and alarming levels of iron is found in around 270 districts.

Moreover, aquifers in about sixty three districts consist of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and chromium. This is a serious health concern because presence of these metals in aquifers in any concentration is known to be very dangerous.

This report has been submitted as an answer to a question posed by MP of Congress party; Ms. Shruti Chowdhry. It demonstrates a nationwide map of areas where groundwater in India has become truly unfit for drinking. It also demonstrates the exact location where levels of contamination have almost breached government safety standards.

In Delhi, a huge number of areas have been labelled as unsafe to pull groundwater from. With most aquifers in north, west and southwest districts in the city including the main Najafgarh drain containing lead, the underground water certainly poses serious health threats to the citizens. The southwest district of Delhi aquifers contain cadmium while the northwest, south and east Delhi have chromium making the water extremely dangerous to drink.


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