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Kicking the Butt: Quit Smoking

August 22 2016
Kicking the Butt: Quit Smoking

It is estimated that about 10 million people will die each year by 2020 In India due to smoking. Presently, about 5 million people die due to the direct consequences of smoking while about 600,000 are affected due to second hand exposure to smoke. About 30% cancer-related deaths are caused due to smoking and it is also responsible for 17% heart-related deaths. Bronchitis and emphysema are also caused due to cigarette smoking.

No More Puffs: Reasons to Quit Smoking

Smokers usually have an excuse or a story every time someone asks them to quit. Even after being aware about the ill-effects of smoking, once addicted, it can be a difficult habit to kick. The temporary high and apparent stress relief is considered to be reason enough to continue puffing away.

Passive Effects
A study conducted in India found that around 1.5 to 3 lakh children are afflicted with chest and lung diseases as result of passive smoking. Srirang Abkari, an internal medicine consultant at Aware Global Hospital has stated that pregnant women are at a greater risk of being affected due to passive smoking.

Memory Problems
A study conducted in June 2016 in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that smoking tends to fog the cognitive capacities. Especially in the middle age, it is found that smoking causes memory loss and a decline in reasoning ability.

Susceptibility to Diabetes
The risk of suffering from diabetes has been found to be greater among people who smoke. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that 44% smokers are at a greater risk of contracting diabetes.

Resist the Smoke #DoTheDifficult

Giving up on addiction is not an easy task. But for those of you who have been rattled to the core after seeing Mukesh’s condition in the cinema hall, here are a few tips to ease you into the quitting phase.

Tips to Quit Smoking

Save the Bucks
Set a goal to visit your dream destination. Each time you crave for a smoke, take out the money and put it in a jar. Continue doing this, and over time, you will realise that not only has your habit gone away, but you have also saved enough money to undertake the journey.

Take an Alternate Break
For those who have a habit of taking smoke breaks at work, try to devote your mind and hands to playing a game or solving a puzzle. Alternatively, take a stroll or have a snack. .

Use a Nicotine Substitute
Quitting the habit of smoking is an arduous process and it involves a lot of will power as well as proper support and guidance. For most people, nicotine substitutes like nicotine patch, nicotine lozenges, etc. provide a welcome relief in the beginning stage. It helps your body adjust and thus reduces your withdrawal symptoms.

To stress the importance of quitting the habit, several initiatives have been introduced including social campaigns and government bans. Some insurance providers have also introduced the concept of wellness programs, which are meant to promote proactive healthcare among policyholders.

So kick the habit today, and kick-start a new life!

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