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Life After Lockdown: 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Stay Safe From COVID-19

May 28 2020
Mistakes to avoid after coronavirus lockdown ends

Schools, colleges, malls, movie theatres and banquets will remain shut. Gym, salons, local stores, restaurants and offices will get the nod to open. Public transport will operate, but it will be available only for frontline workers, the rest will have to use private vehicles. Phew! The speculations around coronavirus lockdown 5.0 in India are endless. But, amidst all this, one thing is for sure that we will be stepping out more often and risking our health to COVID-19 infection if we fail to take the necessary precautions.

The urge to host house parties or family get together, throwing a pending birthday bash, or even heading to the spa could be for real. But, now is not the time for them. Not yet. Not anytime soon. While you can keep these plans parked for a later date, there are some that you can’t. And those are the ones around which you need to be extra careful as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease in your city.

Here’s a list of 7 mistakes you should avoid after the coronavirus lockdown ends to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.

1. Ditching the mask and sanitiser

Lifting the lockdown doesn’t mean the COVID-19 virus is gone. It is very much there on the doorknobs and many such common touch points. Also, there could be people with symptoms and asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus interacting with you on daily basis. So, leave the mask on and don’t stop sanitising.

2. Shaking hands to greet people

While you may be trying your best to avoid handshakes, you might still end up doing them out of obligation when someone offers their hand. A namaste or a warm smile could go a long way in replacing them. And thereby help you to keep the germs and viruses at bay.

3. Overcrowding in elevators

By the time the lockdown ends in India, most of the buildings would have rolled out strict rules for the use of elevators. Try to adhere to them. Don’t overcrowd in the lifts, as they are one place where you could be really close to others. Also, make it a point to sanitise or wash your hands after taking the elevator.

4. Hitting the gym

Yes, you have dearly missed your gym, but it is not the safest places to go after the coronavirus lockdown is over. You may be wiping the machines and equipment after use, but can you say the same for others? Go for a run or continue working out at home till then.

5. Taking your kids to the playground

The playground equipment is usually made of plastic and steel, and coronavirus can live there for up to 3 days. While you can ensure your kid keeps the mask on, chances of others following the suite are less. Instead, play some indoor games with your kids.

6. Dining out

If restaurants open up in India’s lockdown 5.0, there will be certain guidelines that they will have to follow like limiting the number of people allowed in at one time. But, the chairs and tables will see a lot of people using them in a day, and you can’t tell if anyone was a carrier of COVID-19.

7. Attending weddings

While social gatherings may not be allowed for a significant period, they may allow weddings with a restricted number of guests. Consider avoiding them if you have diabetes, hypertension or heart disease and if you are above 60 years of age. Your friend or relative will understand you missing the wedding for safety reasons as it is very likely that the elders from their family would be doing the same.

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So, whether you are going to the ATM to withdraw cash or to the petrol pump to fill your tank, try maintaining social distancing always. Just as you are getting ready to fight COVID-19, even the government is bracing up for the post lockdown situation. WHO has shared some guidelines for countries looking forward to lifting coronavirus lockdown. These include ensuring:

  • The transmission is under control.
  • There is enough capacity to detect, diagnose, trace contact and treat every patient.
  • Efforts are put in to reduce the risks of the COVID-19 outbreak in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • All the preventive steps are taken at essential places like schools and office.
  • Importation risks are effectively controlled.
  • Enough awareness is created among the masses and they are empowered to adjust to the ‘new normal’ after COVID-19 lockdown ends.

On your part, you could do the following to prepare yourself to face life when COVID-19 lockdown is lifted in India:

  • Before leaving the house, wear your mask and after returning discard it properly. Also, make sure you sanitise your hands regularly.
  • If possible, take a shower after you return home.
  • Disinfect your car from inside and outside.
  • Get your health secured with health insurance policy. It always helps to have it handy during medical emergencies.
  • Maintain safe distance while interacting with people.

Thus, ensure you avoid the common mistakes that can increase your risk of COVID-19, and don’t give social distancing wherever you go.

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