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Mysore Police to Seize Rides of Riders without Helmets

March 08 2017
Riders without helmets

Taking cognizance of the rising violation of traffic laws regarding helmets, the police has tightened the noose on offenders even further. Releasing a statement, the Mysore Traffic Police said that vehicles of riders (including pillion) who are riding without helmets will not only be penalized, but their vehicles will also be seized.

But this time, the offenders can’t just pay the fine and drive off, as was the norm before. Their vehicles will be seized and only be released once the owner (and the pillion, if applicable), will come forward with their very own helmets. This step is expected to curb the rampant disregard of the helmet rule that is prevalent in the city.

The disciplinary action is not only limited to riders not wearing helmets, but also extends to vehicles running without an insurance cover. For those who might not know, vehicles are required to have a valid insurance if they are to ply on the roads. This has been mandated under the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, and a directive has also been given by the Supreme Court to enforce this rule.

Vehicles caught without insurance will be detained by the police and taken away to the station. It will stay there unless the owner renews the vehicle insurance and provides relevant documents supporting the claim. This is also a step in the right direction as it will result in owners of vehicles with expired insurance, proactively renewing their policies.

These are not the only measures that the Mysore Police has taken to discipline errant drivers. Until now, drunk driving was the only offence which could get the offender’s license suspended, but not anymore. It will also be suspended if the driver is caught talking on the phone while driving, jumping traffic signals and transporting people in a vehicle meant for goods.

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