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Online Health Products, A Huge Hit Among Indian Customers

May 21 2016

Indian customers these days prefer to buy the best of health supplements on the Internet. As per a health survey conducted by Max Bupa in the year 2011, it has been proved that about 40 percent of Indians conduct frequent online searches for health information. In fact, India is the second, after the US, in using healthcare websites or portals.

Priyank Arora 27, a gym fanatic based in Delhi was advised by his instructor to get a daily dose of power enhancing health supplements to reinforce his muscles and fibre in body. The first choice of Priyank is online shopping. He logs on to the World Wide Web.

Buying a health device or any service from a highly trusted portal is the top choice for Indian buyers these days because it saves both, money and time. Amit Sharma, 28 is a regular at health portals. It is the place where he buys all health-related products and much more. His reasons are straight. He finds the products cheaper, quality better and shopping much easier. "My contact lens came 40% cheaper!", he exclaimed.

Sharma turned to these portals as soon as he learnt that the products were offered at factory prices. This means that these are much lower as compared to the market rates. He is sure that these proposals turn out to be cheaper at least by 25-35 percent from the maximum retail price (MRP). This is quite cheaper as compared to the manufacturer's recommended price.

Most of the time, many supplements and equipment are not easily available with retailers. Additionally, lack of retailers selling the supplements in town can give rise to many problems.

The Internet is now, the best way to come across a variety of products offered by e-commerce portals. These portals sell 100 percent authentic products and deliver it to the consumer’s doorstep hassle-free.


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