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Smart Cities and their Impact on Our Future

May 29 2015
Innovative solutions for a smarter tomorrow

What are Smart Cities?

Smart Cities are developed urban areas with unlimited digital and technological potential to reduce cost and resource consumption and enhance the performance, well-being, and efficiency of its citizens.

Smart Cities - Where Technology meets Innovation

Smart Cities - Where Technology meets Innovation

Why the sudden hype about it?

Smart cities are the best bet for the future, as they aim to provide benefit for all including residents, businesses, government and even the environment at large. Aiming towards sustainable and socially inclusive development, smart cities are the need of the hour in India.

The Who, When and Where of Smart Cities

PM's dream of 100 Smart Cities PM's dream of 100 Smart Cities

The Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi aspires to build 100 smart cities across India. An allocation of Rs. 7060 crore was passed in the Budget 2014-15 for the same.

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has identified potential locations for the 100 smart cities, for transforming the PM’s dream into a reality.

How will it change our living in the future?

  • The smart cities ensure Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)-enabled governance (Smart Government of Smart Cities).
  • The extensive use of integrated technological platforms will provide better access, transparency, participation, speed, and redressal in public services.
    Safety & Security
    Socially Self-sufficient
    Socially Self-sufficient

  • Smart cities aim to be self-sufficient in social infrastructure like schools, hospitals, malls, sports and recreational grounds, entertainment arenas, etc. This would not only be a source of service, but also a means of employment to all the people within its boundaries.

    Technologically Advanced Cities
    Technologically Advanced Cities
  • Moving a level forward, smart cities will also have communication networks through sensors embedded into the infrastructure. These will help to manage the systems and technology dynamically, in real time and save energy.
  • With concrete and accurate data, city officials can take immediate, dynamic decisions to improve the operations and logistics of a city and make it a better place.

  • In a Nutshell...

    Smart cities carry a vision of an urban space that is meticulously planned, technologically integrated, and ecologically friendly, while being able to attract more investments.

    The blueprint of the development plan includes data collection using sensors like electricity, water, gas, traffic and other government analytics. This will be fed into a smart grid of programmed computers, focusing on making the city more efficient.

    Technologically Smart Housing
    Technologically Smart Housing

    The emergence of smart cities promises innumerable benefits and endless possibilities. With digitalization at the very heart of this, it would lead to a revolution attracting the brightest minds and best talents to embark on this journey of secure and complete housing solutions.

    Major players in the country and around the globe have started to invest their time and capital to work together towards development and progress.

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