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Speed checks, railings making a difference

May 22 2012

Months after traffic police branded 20 most dangerous roads across town, 75 percent dip in number of fatalities indicates that efforts are finally paying off. Some of the most accident-prone roads in Delhi have now turned safer, according to Delhi Traffic Police records. The figures indicate that accidents have decreased in numbers by about 75 percent on Delhi's most fatal roads.

According to Satyendra Garg, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), "After identifying the roads, we made many short-term as well as long-term modifications to these stretches and came to know that there was a significant difference in the count of accident when compared to last year. The accidents on these so-called dangerous roads have now come down by 75 percent".

About 36 fatalities were reported on the GT-Karnal Road (NH-1) from January to April last year. Now in the same period this year, this number significantly came down to 13. This stretch is inhabited on both sides as well as the lack of pedestrian crossings in conjunction with foot-overbridges or subways were definitely a place of serious concern. With many vehicles travelling at over 100 km/hour on the highway, the pedestrian fatalities number were the highest on this stretch.

"This expanse was a hazard with most number of pedestrian losses testified. After the problem was acknowledged, we mounted two speed-breakers just ahead of the pedestrian intersection to slow down automobiles", Garg said

Additionally, the speed limit signs were finally put up on the stretch in conjunction with increasing the number of speed-checks as well as traffic personnel deployed.

"Rigorous speed inspection by officials acted as a warning for drivers. Over 2,197 vehicles were reserved in the first 4 months, which is more than double when compared to last year's record. Since fast-moving is now a felony under dangerous driving, blundering drivers can also be imprisoned. This has also made individuals keep their automobiles within speed limit and assisted bring down mortalities", he said.

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