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UN To Help India Fight Off Malaria, HIV

April 27 2012

Poliomyelitis, also commonly referred to as infantile paralysis or polio disease, is a serious infectious viral disease. It is caused by the poliovirus. The infection is serious enough to lead to inflammation of brain nerve cells. It also affects the spinal cord seriously, resulting in in muscle paralysis. Poliomyelitis can affect individuals of all age groups.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General expressed his ardent desire to stretch out genuine and immediate help to India in this respect. In a recent statement, he declared his wish to deal with serious diseases including polio, malaria, tetanus and measles. He also said that a lot can be done to curb HIV transmission-related mortality in India.

The UN secretary-general visited the capital city of India on a two-day visit. He was all praises for India's incredible success in combating polio. He lauded India for polio campaigns and dedicated efforts during his meeting with Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad.

According to Mr. Ban, the UN member nations desire to offer a helping hand to India when it comes to dealing with polio, malaria, tetanus, measles and HIV transmission related mortality. He also mentioned that India holds a significant place as one of the member states of UN.

Understanding the kind of work still to be accomplished to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, Ban stated that he would like to display experiences of India and best practices in dealing with health issues related to maternity and child health issues for others to follow.

Mr. Ban also said that they would wish to offer helping hand to India so as to deal with polio, malaria, tetanus, measles and HIV transmission related deaths. Health Minister Mr. Azad conveyed to the UN secretary general about the appropriate moment to utilize, for you to use your good offices and request member nations to increase financial and technical support to public health initiatives. He also mentioned that this will lead to the common global community benefit.


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