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Your New Year Health Resolutions

December 30 2016
New Year Health Resolutions

A list of health resolutions to keep you fit in 2017

75% of resolutions make it through the entire first week of January, but less than 46% make it past six months. However, Self-improvement should never be dismissed as “all or nothing.” These resolutions must be used as a motivation tool to improve your standard of living along with a slight pretence of control over the future.

Here are a few New Year resolutions that will help you to stay fit the entire year:

Eat Mindfully and Exercise Diligently

Mindful eating is always about being conscious to what we eat and the way we eat. It helps the body to be prepared for the subsequent process. It becomes a natural, healthy, and pleasurable activity for satisfying hunger. The relationship to food is central to the reflection of our attitude towards the environment and us.

Have a balanced diet rich in nutrients including nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to keep the body hydrated. Avoid processed foods along with salt and sugar. Along with a balanced diet, burn out the extra calories with diligent exercise and always try to remain physically active.

If one is physically active, the heart gets trained to beat slower and stronger. It also helps the brain thereby improving certain aspects of thinking. The body would be able to work at its maximum capacity and build the immune system by maintaining a healthy response to stress and other external factors.

Regularise your Sleep Pattern

Sleep plays a critical role in building immunity, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions of the body. The internal biological clock along with the sleep-wake cycle largely determines the transitions from wakefulness to sleep and vice versa. Good sleep is critical after learning something new to process and retain the information in memory.

Sleep deprivation leads to body inflammation, oxidative stress and many other problems. It contributes to everything from a simple sluggish feeling felt through the day to an increased risk of heart attack. For people with hypertension, one night without enough sleep can cause elevated blood pressure the entire next day.

Be with Nature

Spending time connecting with places and people is very essential. There is limited access to nature for exploring new open lands or playing in a stream. Humans are hard wired with an innate affinity for nature and depriving it may lead to its aversion and fear.

Nature provides many forms of healing. We can recharge ourselves by simply standing barefoot in our own backyards. We have mild electric currents running through our bodies. As the earth has excess store of electrons it can neutralize and replenish our bodies with lost electrons. It also reduces inflammation and chronic pain.

Reward Yourself

Have specific goals and measure your progress regularly and be patient as the initial progress would be painfully slow. Reward yourself and celebrate each moment of progress. Engage with a group of people with similar goals, which will motivate you to achieve your own.

Gather some courage and vulnerability to share your goals with friends and family, which will increase your odds to succeed. We are social animals. We have evolved to depend on others, for our health and safety. Ecosystems and the balance of bio-diversity also depend on individual choices to an extent.

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