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10 Tips for a Soothing Home Environment

November 25 2014

Since a good part of the day is spent at home, it is important that your habitat calms your mind and rejuvenates you.

Discover What Appeals To You

What soothes one person may not soothe the other. For example, while some like bright, cheerful walls, others prefer them to be muted and subdued. These differences speak of the personality and interests of the residents.

Make Your Home Your Own

Whatever be your preferences, here are some general pointers to create a soothing environment at home:

1) Organize:

Ensure your home is tidy and clutter-free. This may seem difficult, especially in a house with children. However, it is sure to save time when you are in a hurry. Also, the chaos in your environment is said to make your mind cluttered!

2) Light Up:

The modest light bulb can make a big difference to the personality of your home. It creates a mood and ambience for the room. Pick the right lighting for each room based on the atmosphere you want to set. Also consider the amount of natural light available. Choose dim lighting for the living space and bedrooms. These have a relaxing effect on your eyes and mind. Brightly lit kitchens ensure a cleanl and organized atmosphere, ideal for cooking.

3) Ventilate:

Airy spaces are always comfortable. It is good to allow cross-ventilation, especially in Indian homes. It helps get rid of the moisture and odors, and keeps the house cool. Installing exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms may be a good idea to clear the air.

4) Soften Sounds:

Depending on its quality, sounds can affect your mind, both negatively and positively. Play soft music that you enjoy, preferably instrumental. Shut out any noises that may disturb your peace. In case your neighborhood is noisy, soundproof your home.

5) Stimulate with Fragrances:

Incense sticks, dhoop and certain herbs and flowers can do wonders to your home. Lavender, sage, myrrh and frankincense have proven calming effects. These are also useful to induce sleep. Experiment and use fragrances your family savors.

6) Paint It Right:

Choose your wall colors wisely. Like lights, colors too can define the character of a room or house. It is advisable to opt for pastel shades as they have a soothing effect. Wall hues even influence how the size of a room is perceived. You can also customize your walls to display a calm sea, picturesque sunset or cartoon characters for your children.

7) Accessorize:

Paintings, curtains, flower vases and other showpieces, when chosen appropriately, can change the atmosphere of a room. Pick items that blend well with the other parts of the room or house. Indoor plants help to relax your mind and are known to radiate positivity.

8) Furnish Suitably:

Buy furniture that suits your home. Avoid bulky furniture for small rooms as they create a cramped feeling. Don't choose merely on appearances. Opt for comfortable recliners or couches to relax and unwind. Position them right for the total effect.

9) Gag the Gadgets:

The location of your TV, computer, phone and other devices can influence your mind. These devices may disturb the tranquility of your home. Try to avoid using these during mealtimes. Keep your phone away from your bed while sleeping.

10) Revamp:

If you feel the layout of your house restricts movement or needs a redesign, go for it. It might create more space and liven up the place. However, thoroughly evaluate the requirement before making any changes, as it will change the personality of your house.

Happiness, positivity, love and cheer create the foundation of your home. Follow these tips to make your home your haven!


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