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10 Tips to Ensure the Healthiest Climate At Home

August 14 2015
Go green!

Go green!

Protect your home, protect your family

Protect your home, protect your family

Fireproof your home

Fireproof your home


A quick checklist to ensure a healthy home

As responsible members of a family, we do several things to ensure good health. We eat hygienic food, drink purified water and keep our bodies and the surroundings clean. But is that enough? Have we considered how the climate in our home affects our family?

Here are 10 simple things that you can look out for to ensure a healthy home.

1. Bring In The House Plants

There are many indoor plants like the Peace Lily, the Chinese Evergreen and Dracaena, that can purify the air. These are low maintenance and lend certain freshness to the surroundings. They can serve a dual purpose by acting as decorative plants as well.

2. Get Ventilation Systems

A proper ventilation system, complete with exhaust fans and duct systems at the stove and fireplaces, provides a healthy air flow of throughout the house. It removes the stagnant, humid and contaminated air from your house and keeps away breathing troubles.

3. Clean Home = Healthy Home

A healthy home is free from dust and dander. Dust accumulated around the home can cause allergies and breathing trouble. Dust can accumulate in carpets and curtains, which need to be dusted regularly. Keeping your home clutter-free will help to keep it healthy.

4. Keep Out The Moisture

Moisture can enter your home through leaking roofs, improper drainage systems and faulty plumbing. This can cause the walls to go damp and weak.

It could also lead to mould and bacteria festering in the damp areas leading to unhealthy living conditions.

5. Say No To Hazardous Cleaning Materials

Many household cleaning materials contain harmful chemicals like phenols (floor cleaners), formaldehyde (deodorizers), and petroleum solvents (floor cleaners) that may cause health issues. Check the cleaning products carefully before buying.

6. Drive Out Pests

Disease carrying pests can contaminate your home and cause health issues. Make sure there are no cracks and openings through which pests can enter the house. In case of an infestation, use organic pesticides and ensure regular pest control.

7. Repair Faulty Wiring

Majority of house fires start or spread because of faulty electrical wiring in the house. It is also a great health hazard as it can cause accidental shocks. Checking and repairing faulty electrical wiring is a must for every home.

8. Use Safe Air-fresheners

Air-fresheners with a high quantity of toxic phthalates may cause hormone imbalances and are a health risk to younger children. Other toxins present in such products may trigger breathing problems, sinus and asthma attacks in some cases. Be cautious in choosing them or avoid them if possible.

9. Clean Kitchen Equipments

Take extra care while cleaning stove and the burners. Avoid spraying of any inflammable pesticides or air-fresheners in the kitchen as it might lead to fire-based accidents. Use of disinfectants for cleaning kitchen surfaces and utensils is recommended.

10. Regular Cleaning

Ensure thorough and periodic cleaning of your house and check for any damage. Repair and maintain flooring, ceilings and windowpanes regularly to avoid accidents. Keeping a house healthy will naturally translate into the health of its inhabitants.


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