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10 Tips to Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

November 11 2015

Care for the elderly

Read these 10 tips related to day-to-day functioning and make your home senior-friendly.

A well-lit home

From the entrance, staircase, bathrooms, to the kitchen, every area in the house needs to be well-lit. Increased attention should be given to the staircases as they are more prone to accidents.

Well-arranged and labeled cupboards

With ageing comes forgetfulness. The best way to make life easier for the elderly is to make life clutter-free and arrange necessities neatly with labeling. Cupboards and drawers should be easily accessible.

Doing away with stairs and ledges

Old age and knee problems go together. Sometimes taking a step also turns out to be a herculean task. Ensure the lifts in your building are maintained and functional. On the ground floor, the entrance to the house need not have steps. Instead a slightly inclined pathway to the door would be helpful for the old.

Beware slippery flooring

Slippery floors are a strict no-no. Ultra polished floors are a recipe for disaster at old age. It is best to replace them with ribbed or slip-resistant flooring. Slippery floors are a strict no-no. Ultra polished floors are a recipe for disaster at old age. It is best to replace them with ribbed or slip-resistant flooring.

Bathrooms - Hold that ground

Bathroom flooring compulsorily needs to be made of slip-proof tiles. Fixtures and faucets should be easy to reach. Overhead showers can be replaced with hand showers. Instant heaters and geysers are recommended instead of storage geysers. Bar railings grabs are required all along the bathroom walls. With the introduction of modern bathroom fixtures this can be easily arranged.

Bedrooms - Safety first

Bedrooms require ample space for maneuvering. Hand railings and grabs near the bed are helpful. It is advisable to avoid sharp-edged beds.

Friendly Kitchen

Lower counter tops, easily accessible cupboards, hot and cold-water facility should be according to requirements to avoid scalding or related accidents. Instead of gas stove cooking, induction cooking is a better option. Kitchen counters should be clutter-free


Better communication and connectivity is a necessity. During emergencies these act as saviors. A fixed telephone line connection along with mobile connectivity should be present. Speaking to the elderly periodically about their concerns is a must


The most common ailment afflicting old people is arthritis. This disease makes simple, day-to-day chores a tedious task. A simple turning of the doorknob can be very painful. Avoid fancy doorknobs that may be difficult for the elderly and replace them with handles with easy levers.

Rug and carpet free houses

Most falls are due to carpets and rugs. A senior-friendly home needs to be carpet and rug free.

Little attention to detail can make a whole lot of difference and make life a pleasant experience for our seniors who have protected us when we needed them.

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