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5 Easy Ways to Rid Your Home of Pollutants and Toxins

November 25 2018

Rid your home of pollutants and live a healthy life

We face countless number of pollutants every day in both our indoor and outdoor environments. But did you know that some of the most dangerous pollutants you can face are found indoors, inside our homes. According to reports, indoor environment has more pollution than outdoor environment. This is a big concern since we spend majority of our time indoors.

Everything from the indoor air to our sofas, beds, drawers, and curtains, can be a source of pollutants and toxins. Home and personal care products such as air fresheners, cosmetics, and building materials like paint, varnishes, carpets, floorings, upholstery, can all emit pollutants and release toxins.

We buy a lot of new products and add them to our homes each day. And we do not know what each product contains. Every time we bring a new product there are chances of adding new kinds of pollutants and toxins to our home environment. So we must be careful and always check what items we purchase for our homes.

To ensure the safety of our homes we must know what we are adding to them. Our homes can become a playground for different kinds of pollutants and toxins if we are not careful. Some of the most common types of pollutants found in a home environment are benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, and toluene.

Having a safe home is a must as these pollutants and toxins can be more harmful than outdoor ones and can lead to severe health issues. But is there anything that you can really do to make your home safer and cleaner?

There is! Here are 5 easy steps to rid your home of pollutants and toxins.

Use Eco-Friendly Goods

Everything from your cleaning supplies to air fresheners, candles, cosmetics can emit odours. These emitted odours are pollutants that are known as volatile organic compounds. Once they are in our house they keep on releasing into the indoor air that we breathe. We can easily fight off these pollutants by substituting these goods with eco-friendly, organic and DIY goods that don’t emit harmful chemicals.

Decorate Your Home with Plants

The most easy and natural way of fighting off pollutants and toxins is by planting some plants. There are a wide variety of indoor plants that absorb these pollutants and help purify the indoor air. Plants are considered to be natural air filters as they help fight air pollution by cleaning the air of pollutants and toxins.

Improve Home Ventilation

Letting the fresh air in by keeping the windows open can help circulate the air and allow all the harmful fumes to exit your home. Building materials, furniture, cleaning products are some of the common sources of indoor air pollution. The pollutants released by them can build up very quickly.

Before they can accumulate to dangerous levels, you can make use of proper ventilation to throw them out. Just keep your doors and windows open whenever possible. Installing air conditioners, exhaust fans, ceiling and window fans can also help in providing good ventilation.

Take Off Your Shoes

The easiest way to not bring in pollutants and toxins in your house is by not bringing them in. The simple step is to remove your shoes at the door and not bring them in. Your shoes can pick up bacteria, parasites, allergens, pesticides and countless other harmful materials.

When you walk in with your shoes, you are essentially inviting these harmful materials into your house. In order to secure your home and protect it from pollutants and toxins you should follow the practice of taking off your shoes at the door.

Clean Your Home

The best way to deal with the pollutants is to take care of your home on a daily basis. You can do a light cleaning of your home on weekdays and do a thorough cleaning on weekends. This is an easy way to remove potential pollutants and toxins and keep allergies and diseases at bay. You can use a vacuum cleaner, mop the floors with a disinfectant, and use a damp cloth to clean surfaces.

While you work towards making your home safe and free from pollutants and toxins, it is also a good idea to protect your home against unforeseen incidents. A property insurance can help you safeguard your home and its contents against natural calamities, theft or other dangers.

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