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5 Kitchen Appliances That Make Life Easy

February 06 2015

Of course, you need the little minions to help you make such masterpieces.

Here's a list of a few utilitarian appliances to make your life easy.

1. Soda maker

Soda Maker

Soft-drink lovers, meet your new best pal - the godsend soda maker.

How it works: This appliance enables you to maintain your constant stock of aerated drinks. A lifesaver for when unannounced guests arrive - just pump some water, add your preferred flavored syrup and you're good to go.

Some free advice: Offered by multiple brands in varying capacities, it's an indisputable buy.

2. Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine

Wake up and smell the coffee! (Literally)

How it works: Water at a high boiling point is forced through ground coffee, which is filtered to process dense concentrated coffee called espresso. This criminally fine machine comes powered with functions like automatic grinding, tamp, and brewing to produce sinful espressos.

Opinion zone: Perfect for coffee aficionados, this espresso machine is a must-buy.

3. Airfryer


Love fries but worry about - a moment on the lips and forever on the hips? Airfryers are the ultimate solution to your predicament.

How it works: This remarkable device circulates hot air and fries your food items, with little or no oil. Indulge in a plate of fries or banana fritters without worrying about the carbs!

Words of wisdom: Oil is a depleting resource - do your bit with this Airfryer.

4. High-powered blenders

High-powered blenders

Chop, grind, swirl and viola! - your own magic wand.

How it works: High-powered blenders are one of the most advanced kitchen appliances. You can use them to grind nuts, chop onions or make frosty drinks. With user-friendly features like speed-control, presets and buttons and capacitive touch interface, all you need is a reason to blend.

'Why?' you wonder: Blend away - be the culinary Picasso.

5. Pizza maker

Pizza maker

There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.

- Kevin James

How it works: Always wanted to name a pizza after yourself? Here's your chance. This out-and-out brilliant appliance is made of a non-stick plate that heats up at the control of the function keys.

You can decide your crust- thin, medium or thick, personalize the taste according to your preference of toppings and enjoy a delectable pizza in flat 15 minutes.

Buy it because: Pizza is your first love.

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