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5 Must Have Gadgets in Your Home

January 21 2015

From cell phones, elevators to the basic washing machine, it has conquered all areas of human activity. It would not be an exaggeration if we call it a gratifying addiction! And, why not? Saving time, saving cost or experiencing luxury can be addictive. Here are five gadgets that we feel you must have at home:

Lights Out!

Lights Out!

We all know how frustrating it is when you are just about to close your eyes and only then remember to switch off lights. The Programmable Timer Switch lends you an easy hand. It is a guided program to adjust lightings according to your specific timings. Generally compatible with all types of lights and motors, this comes with a small LCD screen and has a sleek design. Remote operability of this gadget discards any risk of electric shock. Brands like Honeywell and Leviton have come up with this easy-fix solution.

Universal Remote Control

All In Your Hand

Wouldn't it be nice if you could control your TV, DVD player, and computer without having to move an inch? The Universal Remote Control does just that! It has a combination of user-friendly key attachments that are programmed to cater to various types of electronic devices. The Logitech Harmony Home control has introduced an entire kit that includes Wi-Fi integration, motion activated backlight, mobile phone compatibility, smart apps etc.

Gas Leak Detector

Sensor Safety

Cooking gas, the most routine accessory at home, also poses as a potentially hazardous substance. Forgetting to turn off the gas knob or overlooking cracks in the gas pipe can lead to gas leakage and sometimes may result in life threatening mishaps. The Gas Leak Detector is a sensory alert device for gas leaks. It avoids accidents by sounding an alarm, screening LED light alerts or even signaling the control panel with a buzzer. These are available in a varied price range depending on the brand and additional features.

Burglar Alarm

A Personal 24x7 Sentinel

As a home owner, is home security always on your mind? Don't fret. Simply, safeguard your family and possessions by installing a Burglar Alarm. Sounding off loud alarms, automatically calling for help, activating remote configurations are just a few of its functions. Latest models of this device also support advanced features likebuilt-in rechargeable battery for use during a power cutoff.

The Blu-ray Player

Lights, camera and action!

Introducing cutting-edge technology mixed with visual delight. The Blu-ray Player has been on everybody's wish list ever since its launch. Enjoy high-quality movies with family or watch an intense game of football with your friends - experience uber-clarity, all at the comfort of your home. The highest resolution of 1080 pixels is available in the market with companies like Philips, Sony, and Samsung. Experts say that this entertainment technology would soon be replacing the traditional DVD player, as majority of the Blu-ray players support DVDs too, making them a favorable choice amongst consumers.

Gadgets make mundane chores easier and homes a lot safer. In the process they tend to upgrade lifestyles by a large margin. Higher demand and advancement of technology give rise to out of the box concepts and creations in this world of gizmos. Keep looking for more electronic-wonders. Here's wishing you smart shopping!

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