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5 Reasons to Install Solar Power in Your Home

May 26 2015
How solar energy can help your finances and the environment.

India ranks fifth in the world for production and consumption of energy, but that does not change the fact that 72% of our population resides in villages where there is unreliable or no electricity at all.

It is about time we shift from environmentally harmful and expensive coal energy, and adopt sustainable clean energy. The advantages of renewable energy are numerous, and you can do your share for the country by adopting solar power in your house.

Lower Electricity Bills

Solar power systems harness solar rays and convert it into usable energy. India being a tropical country receives 3000 hours of bright sunlight in a year, enough energy to provide electricity to your house.

Solar energy is a free resource, which means you only have to pay for the photovoltaic panels. This saves you a considerable amount of money every month. For example, use of solar powered water heaters can cut the high cost of running electric water heaters, reducing your electricity bill.

Simplicity Ensures Reliability

 Protect your home from financial losses

A house equipped with solar panels

Solar panels are devoid of moving parts, reducing the chance of mechanical failure, and therefore ensuring maintenance is minimal. You will occasionally have to clean the accumulated dust from the panels, which doesn't really hamper the power output as much as you may think.

These photovoltaic panels are technologically advanced and extremely durable at the same time, lasting up to 25 years at a time. In fact, no other renewable source of energy is as easy to use and maintain as photovoltaic solar panels.

Affordable Installation

Although installing solar panels will set you back a bit financially, the availability and affordability of these photovoltaic panels has increased considerably, making it easier for you to ‘Go Green'.

Since the turn of the millennium, solar panels have become the fastest growing renewable energy technology in the world. This is mainly due to prices dropping to almost one-tenth, and governments propagating the use of clean energy.

Government Subsidies

Did You Know?

Bangalore's Chinnaswamy stadium is the world's first solar powered cricket stadium

Environmental awareness and frequent power cuts in cities all over India has propelled the government to adopt solar energy solutions on a large scale. As a part of this drive, the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IRDEA) has introduced 40% subsidy on capital costs for solar PV systems, for units located in both urban and rural areas of India.

To achieve its green goals by 2020, the Indian government has opened several solar parks, notably the Charanka solar park in Gujrat, which was the first of its kind upon inauguration. The recently opened 130 MW Welspun solar project in Madhya Pradesh holds the title as the largest solar farm in India.

Global Warming

 Protect your home from financial losses

Fossil fuels accelerate global warming

Global warming is now a reality that is threatening our existence by damaging the ecological balance of the environment at a rapid pace. Scientists and governments all over the world are searching for alternatives to fossil fuel energy, to reduce the release of noxious fumes into the atmosphere.

Years of research and development have led to the production of reliable solar panels that generate electricity with zero emissions. Further innovations in solar energy are making these solutions accessible to common households, so you contribute to keeping planet Earth a sustainable and reliable home, while saving on your electricity bill.

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