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Insurance Article

5 Smart Things Required for Every Home

November 15 2017
Smart Devices for Home

Benefits of 5 smart devices for your home sweet home

Home - big or small, is not just a place, it is a feeling – a feeling of love, security, comfort, and status. Convenience, creativity, and financial resources are letting householders push the envelope. They are incorporating smart devices to build smarter homes.

According to statista.com, the smart home market in India is pegged at USD 403 million in 2017. It is estimated to grow to USD 5,559 million at an annual growth rate of 69.0% (between 2017-2022). The household penetration is expected to grow from 0.08% in 2017 to 1.4% in 2022.

So what are the devices that make a home smart? The list is extensive but there are 5 smart gadgets that every home should invest in. These not only increase your comfort and safety levels but also decrease your utility bills.


Thermostats help to maintain a desirable temperature inside the house. You can use it for both the air conditioner and the room heater. "We always find the room temperature at the optimum best, no matter how the weather fluctuates outside. And the cherry of the cake is that we have seen our electricity bills dive, even after prolonged use of the AC.", said a newlywed couple.

Thermostats have been around for many years now, but they have become smarter as you can operate them from your mobile or computer as well.


Smart lighting has seen an evolution in the form of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Light Emitting diode (LED) etc. The latest additions are the sensors that help to regulate the use of light systems at home. Sensors allow the lights to go on or off, depending on the light conditions outside. If it starts raining, the lights in the corridor or your rooms may switch on.

“The kids walk out of the room and forget to switch off the light. These sensors put the lights and fans off, if no one returns to the room within a preset time. I have this system in place for the corridors, lift, washrooms and rooms.” explains a middle-aged householder.

Usage Point Optimisers and Smart Faucets

You must have seen faucets – mainly in commercial establishments – that release water only when you put your hand under it. These have made inroads into homes as well. The taps release water when an object is put under it - hand, fruit etc.

You can also attach usage point optimisers at the mouth of the taps. These devices have become popular due to their capability of reducing water wastage.

Near-Field Communication Devices (NFC)

The electronic devices have become smarter and devices enabled with near-field communication like televisions, speakers, media players and mobile phones have penetrated the markets.

You can create a home theatre experience by connecting different electronic devices. For example, a musical performance can be streamed to several speakers wirelessly for better experience.

NFC allows you to stream audio and video input from phones to television and other devices, provided they are NFC compatible.

Smart Home Security Systems

Homes, buildings and flats are witnessing an increase in installation of CCTV cameras and other home security systems. Given the rising concern for security, at home and outside, householders are making their homes smart by installing smart security devices.

Making your home smart requires instalment of various smart home technologies which entail costs. You can secure your home and its contents, including electronics, with home insurance plans. The best home insurance policy will provide adequate coverage for your home against fire, theft and burglary. You can get riders for mechanical and electrical breakdown too.

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